Community Safety

Boosting HOA Security with License Plate Reader Cameras

August 5, 2022

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Community Safety

Boosting HOA Security with License Plate Reader Cameras

There are multiple  HOA and neighborhood security solutions out there, but very few can catch the most important piece of evidence that law enforcement needs to take action: a license plate. In fact, of the 7M property crimes that occur each year, 80% will go unsolved because they lack license plate evidence. License plates are a key piece of evidence in all sorts of crimes, from stolen vehicles to hit-and-run cases, from burglaries to violent crimes.

Communities across the nation have turned to Flock Safety’s license plate reader cameras to fill the gaps in their neighborhood security strategies and adopt a hands-off, proactive approach to safety. These motion-activated cameras capture more than just license plates. Flock’s unique Vehicle Fingerprint™ technology capture the vehicle’s make and model, color, and customizations. Flock cameras can be linked to a network of law enforcement databases, allowing them to automatically flag a wanted license plate before a crime ever occurs. 

Neighborhoods across the country have seen a significant decrease in crime after implementing Flock Cameras. 

HOAs in North Carolina Take Control

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In Union County, North Carolina, several neighborhoods installed Flock Safety’s license plate reader cameras. Cameras installed in the Meriweather neighborhood led the Union County Sheriff’s Office to make arrests in three separate stolen vehicle cases in the last two years. 

In addition, thanks to the newly installed Flock Safety cameras at the entrance of the Indian Hill neighborhood, police were immediately alerted to a 17-year-old driving a stolen car—all without the suspect knowing. In this case, Flock Safety cameras provided objective evidence that became an actionable lead for law enforcement.

Many local homeowner’s associations give the Union County Sheriff’s Office access to their Flock Cameras, which has resulted in an increase in cases solved and a decrease in property crimes in their community. Many residents feel this is a worthwhile investment, and adoption is spreading across the area. Over 50 neighborhoods throughout Mecklenburg County use Flock to strengthen their HOA security and multiple neighborhoods across Union County. 

Traditional HOA Security Options and Flock Safety Cameras

Homebuyers prioritize safety and a sense of community when choosing where to live. To preserve this sense of stability and protection, communities like Lake Pointe in Travis County, Texas, have integrated Flock cameras with their traditional HOA security tools.

In 2020, after a rash of break-ins, Lake Pointe enhanced its neighborhood watch and installed a Flock camera at every entrance to the community. Many Lake Pointe homeowners use doorbell cameras, providing valuable evidence.

“There have been break-ins where we’ve pulled data from the license plate readers and corroborated that against Ring [cameras] or, you know, home security video footage,” said Lake Pointe HOA president Michael Husband. “Then we feed that to the police for, you know, their prosecution.” 

As of September 2021, crime has decreased significantly in the neighborhood. Lake Pointe’s Flock camera evidence has been used in at least 20 cases.

No Neighborhood is Too Small 

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Every neighborhood deserves to feel safe, and every neighborhood can play its part in preventing and solving crimes. 

In McLean, Virginia, an HOA community of only 12 homes (some occupied by high-profile residents), residents found themselves on edge after a swell in crime. According to the local police, this neighborhood reported five burglaries back in 2019, a trespassing incident in March 2020, men trying to enter a locked vehicle in June 2021, theft from a motor vehicle in July 2021, and burglary in August 2021.

To reduce these petty, yet dangerous, crimes, the HOA installed three license plate reader cameras from Flock Safety to augment its already extensive neighborhood security protocols. 

Since the installation in August 2021, they’ve had zero incidents—a fact neighbors will say is most certainly the direct result of the cameras installed in their community.

Flock in Florida

Flock’s ability to connect and alert law enforcement professionals allows community residents to take a hands-off approach to security and allow police to do their jobs effectively. 

In Lynn Haven, Florida, the city approved two Flock cameras to protect the Panama City Country Club, in addition to the other five Flock cameras located throughout the city. 

Unlike traditional cameras, which force owners to spend hours combing t through footage, Flock camera’s data is is instantly searchable. Lynn Haven Police Lieutenant Steve Enfinger said this feature helps his team act faster and more effectively. 

“We get 10 reports where their cars are burglarized the night before, we may have a Ring camera [footage] of a red pickup truck cruising through there. We can search the Flock camera system ‘red pickup truck,’ we can pull up tag numbers, or if a witness happens to get a tag number, we can search a tag number and get the image off Flock and see exactly what time they were in there.”

Cutting HOA security costs in Tulsa

After a string of property crimes, Frank Rhoades, a resident of the Forest Hills neighborhood, took stock of its existing security service and found it lacking. Then he found Flock.

“We had a drive-through security service working for us for several years,” said Frank Rhoades. “At one point, I added up how much we had spent on them because we had never apprehended anybody. It was $100,000. It was over an eight-year period, and I was like, you know what? There’s got to be a better way.”

Rhoades described the system as a “game-changer” for his neighborhood. He said the community had hired an off-duty Tulsa Police Department officer to run the plates when an incident occurs. 

The system has been so successful in the Forest Hills neighborhood that the local police department is considering deploying additional Flock cameras in high-crime areas of the city.

Serious neighborhood security—more affordable than you think

Flock Safety’s license plate reader cameras are the missing link in Homeowners association security plans. Not only do they provide actionable evidence that helps police quickly pursue an arrest, but they also keep homeowners, HOA volunteers, and neighborhood watch groups out of dangerous encounters with suspects.

Flock Safety camera systems were made to be budget-friendly and low maintenance. Installation is free, and Flock handles all maintenance and upgrades. Flock cameras are solar-powered and wireless, and they run on their own independent network, communities face virtually no additional infrastructure costs. Of course, their subtle design won’t compromise the neighborhood aesthetic.

For HOAs concerned about privacy—Flock holds that sensitivity in the highest regard. HOAs can choose whether to integrate their Flock system with local law enforcement and whether or not to pass on Flock information to the police. Flock data is deleted after 30 days, and HOAs can restrict who has access to that data. 

With Flock’s Safe List, the HOA can note which license plates belong to neighborhood residents. If a homeowner prefers, they can opt-out of being recorded by Flock altogether. 

Want to learn more?

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how Flock Safety can help your neighborhood work with law enforcement to reduce crime rates, protect home values, and give your residents peace of mind.

Flock Safety is a public safety operating system that helps communities and law enforcement in 2000+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. We build devices that capture objective evidence and use machine learning to create and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Our proprietary devices and cloud-based software reduce crime by +70%. Flock Safety serves 2000 cities in 42+ states and is helping solve hundreds of crimes every day.

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