The Hot List: What Happens When a Wanted Car Passes a Flock Safety Camera?

June 1, 2023

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The Hot List: What Happens When a Wanted Car Passes a Flock Safety Camera?

You may have heard that Flock Safety has a feature called the Hot List that provides automatic alerts if a stolen or wanted vehicle passes by a camera. But how exactly does this feature keep you safer?

First, let’s clear up some questions.

What is the Hot List?

Flock Safety’s Hot List feature provides customers with the ability to receive alerts on stolen vehicles, known wanted criminals and more. It works via an integration into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is updated daily. 

Customers can also place at-risk vehicles or license plates on custom Hot Lists to alert law enforcement or on-site security instantly if/when they enter their property.

Who has access to the NCIC crime database?

Law enforcement agencies nationwide can access and enter records into the NCIC’s lists via their state public safety organization. Many License Plate Reading (LPR) systems in use by law enforcement compare license plates coming in against a list of license plates associated with known suspects. However, businesses and private communities that own and use LPRs don’t have access to the NCIC database.

How does the Flock Safety Hot List feature work in action?

The Flock Safety Hot List feature automatically provides leads to local law enforcement agencies or on-site security by sending them an alert in real time when a wanted suspect passes by a Flock Safety camera. Privately-owned cameras can be added to the LPR network, provided the private customer opts in and has an MOU agreement signed with their local law enforcement agency. This partnership is a critical piece of our mission to shape a safer future—not just by solving crime, but preventing it.

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