Community Safety

What Is Jugging? 5 Tips to Keep You Safe From This Dangerous Crime

November 27, 2023

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Community Safety

What Is Jugging? 5 Tips to Keep You Safe From This Dangerous Crime

“If there’s anything I could tell people, it’s be aware of your surroundings.”
– Victim of Jugging Incident in Texas

While “jugging” is a weird word, the reality is that it can be a terrifying and dangerous incident.

Jugging is when a criminal watches someone – usually at a bank – and follows the individual to eventually rob them. You’ve likely heard of jugging incidents on the news.

Here are just a few recent incidents of jugging in several communities:

To help you avoid this potential threat, here are 5 safety tips to keep in mind to better protect yourself.

1. Be aware of your surroundings. 

This one sounds basic but it’s so important. Check your surroundings – at the ATM, at the mall, at the bank – and be aware of who is in your vicinity, including vehicles, before you exit your vehicle.

2. Change up your routes. 

Most of us are creatures of habit but mixing up your travel routes is a good safety precaution. It helps prevent suspects from knowing that you drive the same path to and from home to the bank every week on Friday afternoons. 

3. Be discreet. 

Whether it’s withdrawing a large sum of cash or buying an expensive electronic, have a plan for safely putting it out of sight as soon as possible. But when in doubt or if you feel in danger, call 911. If you have to withdraw large amounts of cash from the bank or make a big purchase, have a plan for where you’ll go afterwards to secure it. If you ever feel you’re being followed, call 911 and drive to the nearest law enforcement precinct. Nothing is worth your life. 

4. Never leave valuables in your car.

Whether you’ll be gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, criminals do not need long to steal your items and disappear. Do not leave cash or valuables in your car, and a big part of this is planning ahead. 

5. Invest in license plate recognition (LPR) cameras.

The ability to track down jugging criminals often come down to tracking a vehicle. From your neighborhood to banks and malls, Flock Safety’s LPR suite acts as a deterrent for criminals that may attempt jugging and also provides actionable evidence to track down criminals and solve crime when it does occur. 

Stay safe and follow Flock for more ways to help keep you and your community safer.

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