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3 Key Lessons Learned from Officers in Building our Fixed ALPR System

To build a system for law enforcement, we had to do our research.

At Flock Safety, our mission is to eliminate nonviolent crime.

We set out from the very beginning to serve communities and neighborhoods. It all started when we saw a need in our own communities for an affordable security solutions that could gets the actionable evidence police needed.

Our fixed ALPR system captures information all day for HOAs across the county and as we grew we heard from more law enforcement agencies that they wanted to similar solution. So to make sure we had a camera that captured the information needed when investigating cases, we spent time with police departments of all sizes to learn exactly what is needed to solve a crime.

Lesson 1: Vehicle Information, Not Just the License Plate, is Key

Studies show that a vehicle is present in over 70% of crimes that occur. One of the most critical pieces of evidence a victim can provide is information on the vehicle. Oftentimes, citizens only able to catch the car type, color, or brand. This made it clear that we needed a camera that could capture and filter images using the whole picture, not just plate details. 

Lesson 2: Officers Need Access to Information While in the Field

Accessing information within the first 24-48 hours is critical. Being able to search footage while on the scene to narrow down suspects can be a real turning point in a case. 

With this in mind, we created a system that can be accessed via any internet-ready device. We also made it so every officer can receive login credentials at no additional cost. This means your team can follow through on footage search needs without creating a bottleneck of requests for someone like your already busy crime analysts back in the office. 

Lesson 3: You Want a Solution that Works & Improves Regularly  

Feedback from trusted law enforcement relationships helped push us to design and build the technology needed to solve more crime and better protect cities of any size. Equipped with their valuable insights, the Flock Safety team built a solution completely different from the traditional market options. 

  • Subscription-based model - We have to continue to win your business throughout your contract. That means we listen to your feedback and work to deliver enhancements to help you better police your city. 
  • Motion activated cameras - Traditional IR-based cameras, don't catch every car. When a plate is missing or the car has a temporary paper plate, infrared cameras don't see the vehicle drive by the camera. Our system uses a mix of IR and motion activation to get more reads, which means more hotlist alerts for your officers on patrol. 
  • Solar power and LTE technology - Running electricity to cameras can be very costly and isn't always an option for the ideal camera placement. On top of that, finding sources for an internet connection can be a headache. That's why we prioritized alternate sources of power. Our police-grade cameras have the ability to run off of solar power that is included in your upfront cost. Inside each camera, there is an LTE card that functions just like a cellphone, so internet connection is included as well. 

Today, Flock Safety works with agencies across the country to help solve crime in 38 different states. With an average of 65 hotlist alert hits per hour, our police customers see real action with their fixed ALPR units. Contact our team today to learn more at police@flocksafety.com

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