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3 Lessons We Learned from Law Enforcement in Building the Flock Safety Falcon™ Camera

To build a system for law enforcement, we had to do our research.

At Flock Safety, our mission is to eliminate nonviolent crime.

We set out from the very beginning to serve communities and neighborhoods. When we saw a need in the community for affordable neighborhood security solutions that could get results, we fulfilled that need.

Our system could capture information all day, but we knew that without the true crime solvers—law enforcement officials—crime would still happen. So to make sure our camera was capturing the right information, we spent time with police departments to learn exactly what they need to solve a crime.

Lesson 1: License Plate Information is Key

Studies show that over 70% of crime occurs with a vehicle. So, the number one piece of evidence law enforcement needs to solve a crime is a license plate. Law enforcement can use license plate information to access DMV data. They can then find the identity of the perpetrator and narrow their search.

Lesson 2: Police Have Technology Needs in the Field

In spending time with law enforcement, we learned something else. Besides communities and neighborhoods, police also had needs in the field when it came to fighting crime.

We couldn’t carry on saying we were fulfilling our mission if we didn’t also serve these important needs.

Let’s take the time to stress this again:

Without police departments and law enforcement officials, our product would not exist.

That’s why we built the Flock Safety Falcon camera, a police-grade ALPR system that delivers more than just a license plate.

Lesson 3: Feedback is Important in Determining Direction

Your feedback helped push us to design and build the technology you told us you need in the field. Equipped with your valuable information, Flock Safety’s team of engineers set to work crafting our intuitive system.

The Falcon camera leverages the latest object recognition technology to capture vehicle details distinct from just a plate. Our system reads the color and type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.). Our system can also identify a temporary paper tag or a vehicle where the tag is completely missing.

We listened to what detectives told us they look for in the field, and we created our system to capture these details.

Today, Flock Safety works with agency partners across the country to help police solve 1 crime a day. Your feedback as law enforcement officials has helped us keep improving our technology, and we’re thankful we can play a part in helping eliminate nonviolent crime.

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