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Colorado Neighborhoods Using Flock Safety to Reduce Crime

Colorado neighborhoods are taking a stand against crime.

By Janice Ng

Story from Fox 31 KDVR.

AURORA, Colo. — It’s not your typical neighborhood fixture, but people who live in the Bel Air Estates in Aurora believe the two towering light poles that stand watch over the entrance to their community will help keep it safe.

“It’s the world’s first tool built for neighborhoods to solve crime,” said Garrett Langley, Founder and CEO of Flock Safety.

Langley says they’ve partnered with ten different communities across metro Denver. High-tech cameras sit on two of the light poles in the shade of a single solar panel. The devices can also read license plates.

According to Flock Safety’s website, 70% of all serious crimes involve a vehicle.

“I have a sense of security when it’s there,” said resident Jeff Rollins.

Langley says the company does not legally own the footage, rather the homeowners association they partner with. The company deletes the footage every thirty days, unless there is a police investigation that places a hold on the evidence.

There is an option to opt out for residents in the neighborhood, and request their cars not be recorded. Langley says on the flip side, if that car was to be stolen, there would be no footage to help police.

“It’s an inevitable reality that there are going to be cameras everywhere, whether it’s an iPhone in your pocket, or a stationary camera on a light pole. The question is not will they exist, the question is who owns the footage,” Langley said.

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Originally published: 2019-07-16 13:44:53