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DeKalb County Police Partner with Flock and Private Citizens

The county has approved a partnership with Flock Safety.

DeKalb County police might be seeing more Flock Safety license plate readers around their jurisdiction soon. 

Currently, around 50 neighborhoods in DeKalb have privately installed Flock Safety license plate readers to protect their neighborhoods and hand actionable evidence to police in the event of a crime. 

Thanks to a vote on a new agreement, police can now work with residents to view footage captured by their Flock Safety camera system if a crime were to happen in the vicinity.

Read the story from Patch.com.

DECATUR, GA — More DeKalb communities will be able to install electronic license plate readers (LPRs) in their communities, according to a new agreement with Atlanta-based Flock Safety. On Tuesday, the DeKalb County commission unanimously approved a contract with the company allowing communities to purchase LPRs that log the license plates of cars passing by the devices.

Brookhaven police already use LPRs, which had led to several arrests, most recently the recovery of a stolen car back on June 20. In Marietta, Flock Safety said the use of its cameras led police to report much lower crime rates in communities using the LPRs than elsewhere in the city.

Read the full story on Patch.com.

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