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Flock Safety Footage Helps Landmark Miami Neighborhood Solve Grand Theft Auto & Residential Burglary Case

“We hadn’t had a single crime occur in Coral Gate since the Flock neighborhood cameras went live, and when this incident happened, detectives were able to solve the case and make an arrest."

MIAMI, FL - When more than 100 neighbors in Miami’s Coral Gate community got together to fight crime, they deployed a revolutionary hi-tech network of Flock Safety 24/7 365 license plate-reading cameras at every entrance, exit and major thoroughfare in the neighborhood. “In addition to our prime location, beautiful mid-century homes and idyllic canopy, safety, security and peace of mind are — and will always be — the most treasured amenities in Coral Gate," says Jorge Arauz, who spearheaded the Flock security initiative in Coral Gate. "Thanks to a unified force of proactive residents who are always a step ahead of crime trends, we will continue to be recognized as one of the nation's safest communities.”

In addition to deterring criminals and helping police solve crimes, Flock has had the added benefit of bringing the Coral Gate community closer together. “The majority of our Flock households did not know each other prior to the installation of the system, and now we walk around the neighborhood high-fiving one another and discussing additional ways we can work together to evolve our community and quality of life,” says Arauz. “We have a great relationship and open line of communication with Miami PD and their world-class police work has allowed us to take full advantage of the system’s technology.”

Coral Gate residents decided to implement a network of Flock cameras over the summer after reading about a series of successes with the system. They set out on a word-of-mouth and door-to-door campaign to get neighbors signed up. “We have several very busy entrances into our neighborhood so we knew from the get-go we needed to invest in several cameras to secure the entire community,” says Coral Gate resident Matthew Alex McDonald. “Since we launched the initiative last year, Flock has been one of our most effective layers of security and will continue to be for many years to come.”

Over Thanksgiving Weekend, Coral Gate’s Flock system saw its biggest success to date when police utilized Flock footage to help make an arrest in a residential burglary and grand theft auto case. “We hadn’t had a single crime occur in Coral Gate since the Flock system went live, and when this incident happened, detectives were able to solve the case and make an arrest in record time,” says Coral Gate resident Diana Acosta-Celaya, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years. “More importantly, our neighbors had their stolen property promptly returned to them, including their car!”

“Coral Gate is a beautiful community and we are honored to work with them to help keep it safe,” said Garrett Langley, Co-Founder and CEO of Flock Safety. “Our mission is to eliminate non-violent crime and when we bring together committed neighbors like Coral Gate, and work together with Miami PD, we can make a tremendous difference.”

For more information about Coral Gate, visit CoralGate305.com.

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