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Flock Safety Neighborhood Crime Camera Helps Identify Burglary Suspect

A neighborhood in Cobb County helped police identify a suspected burglar with the use of a Flock Safety camera system.

Story from Cobb County Gov.

A neighborhood in Cobb County has helped police identify a suspected burglar with the use of a camera system that captures car tags. The neighborhood HOA had previously invested in a Flock Safety Neighborhood Crime Camera which recognizes and catalogs vehicles, vehicle tag numbers, people, and animals entering and exiting the neighborhood.

On April 21, 2019 (Easter Morning) at approximately 6:15 a.m., a woman was awakened by an unknown man in her bedroom with a light in his hands. The man fled the home and drove away in what she described as a Chevy SUV.

Cobb County Police Officer B.L. Schaarschmidt responded to the call and located a vehicle matching the description headed in the opposite direction. He stopped the vehicle and subsequently arrested the driver for several charges (one of which was the burglary at the home).

Investigators were able to search the Flock Safety database (access was provided voluntarily by the HOA) for the tag number of the vehicle that Officer Schaarschmidt had stopped.

The suspect vehicle and tag number had been captured entering and leaving the subdivision at the exact times of the incident.

This case serves as a great example of community, business, and police working together to make a safer community for those we serve.

Read more on CobbCounty.org.

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