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How a West Columbia, South Carolina Neighborhood Used Flock Safety to Help Police Catch a Vandal

A neighborhood vandal didn’t stand a chance at staying anonymous with the neighborhood’s Flock Safety camera.

The challenge: vandalism in the neighborhood

A West Columbia, South Carolina neighborhood had been dealing with complaints from their residents. Residents were noticing vandalism happening around their community and they wanted to put an end to it.

The vandalism wasn’t just possibly affecting property values. Residents were concerned about the safety of their neighbors and felt that their homes and their neighborhood were violated. Hoping to put a stop to the vandalism, residents reached out to their HOA board who called the police.

The solution: a safety camera that catches details police can use

Thankfully, the South Carolina neighborhood had recently installed a Flock Safety license plate reading camera at the entrance of their neighborhood. This camera captures vehicles and objects that pass by the camera.

After police were aware of what was happening in the neighborhood, they reached back out to the HOA board for more details. Police narrowed down a possible vehicle to one they were already familiar with and asked if the HOA knew the vehicle.

The results: a quick search pulls up just what police need

Thanks to Flock Safety’s simple, Google-like search tool, the HOA board was able to search through footage themselves. With license plate details provided by police, the HOA board entered the details into Flock’s system. Within seconds of hitting “Submit Search Request,” their system pulled up a match of a vehicle that had entered their neighborhood.

Flock Safety's Google-like search portal includes search criteria like timeframe, vehicle color, and license plate. This helped a South Carolina neighborhood stop vandalism in the neighborhood.

Flock’s search tool allows authorized users to easily search through footage


Since police already had a vehicle in mind, the only evidence they needed was that the vehicle had been seen in the neighborhood. The footage this neighborhood’s HOA was able to provide with exactly that information was enough for police to move forward with the case.

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