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How Flock Safety is Helping This North Carolina Neighborhood Prevent Car Break-Ins

When residents couldn’t see the perpetrator, Flock Safety stepped in.

The challenge: preventing car break-ins in a neighborhood

Reports of burglary had been circulating a North Carolina community. Residents of a particular neighborhood heard the reports and made the decision to install a neighborhood security camera that would protect against crimes like car break-ins and theft.

Early one morning, a perpetrator broke into two cars in that neighborhood, getting away with numerous valuable items. When residents awoke, they found their personal belongings missing and their cars ransacked. The neighborhood didn’t see who committed the crime or when it happened, but they had a timeframe in mind—between 12:30 and 5 a.m.

The solution: a camera that sees the whole story of a crime

Luckily, they had installed Flock Safety license plate readers in their neighborhood. While neighbors didn’t witness the perpetrator or the crime, their Flock Safety security cameras did.

Flock was able to capture key details that would aid the neighborhood in handing over concrete evidence to their local police.

Prevent Crime In Your Neighborhood


Flock Safety sees and captures exactly what detectives look for

Flock’s system allows users to narrow down their search based on date, time, vehicle type, color, and license plate number. It also has the ability to show how many times a vehicle has passed by the camera. These details are exactly what detectives look for to move forward on a case.

Using Flock’s features, residents found that a vehicle had entered their neighborhood for the first time during 12:30 and 5 a.m.—when they knew the car break-ins occurred.

The results: handing over actionable evidence to police

With the details they knew, residents first called the police to report the break-ins, then reached out to Flock Safety to grant permission for the Customer Success team to search through footage for more evidence.

The details of timeframe alone weren’t actionable for police to pursue the case. Police needed something more concrete to act upon.

Flock’s team took the timeframe residents provided and narrowed the search down to “Non-Residents” since they knew it was the vehicle’s first time in the neighborhood. Within minutes, the Flock Customer Success team found a crystal clear image of the vehicle’s license plate—exactly what police needed to pursue the case.

Flock was able to help identify a possible suspect so the neighborhood could provide actionable information to their local police.

After this success, residents put together a community outreach notice to ensure additional security measures for the neighborhood. Several more residents even registered their vehicle license plates on Flock Safety’s Safelist, which allowed the search between “Resident” and “Non-Resident.”

Flock Safety helped this neighborhood set the course to prevent car break-ins in the future by providing evidence in a case that would have otherwise gone unsolved. 

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