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How Flock Safety License Plate Readers Keep Parks Safe

One police department used LPRs at a local park to bring down crime.

Ensuring safety in public spaces

Public parks serve as areas of play and leisure for citizens, but police departments know that underneath the greenery lies a problem. Because they are public spaces and the parking lots are unattended, many parks can attract criminal activity. However, police departments rarely have the resources they need to keep eyes on the area. Because of this, crimes can often go unsolved due to a lack of evidence.

Police departments need a hot-list integrated system that’s scalable enough to cover low-traffic areas like parks. And, they need it to catch the right kind of evidence—vehicle details.

Flock Safety’s ALPRs serve as a force multiplier for police departments who need to increase patrol in their jurisdiction.

Immediate Results

Just one day after installing their new Flock Safety ALPR at the entrance of a city park, a police department received its first hot tag notification, which was sent automatically when a stolen car’s license plate passed by their Flock reader.

A few days later, after the same vehicle entered the park a second time, officers were able to apprehend the suspect and retrieve the stolen vehicle.

Their second success came two weeks later, on the same day they received another hot tag notification from their new Flock ALPR.

With Flock’s system, this police department was able to easily implement 24/7 footage capture of traffic within the park and apprehend suspects before they had a chance to commit a crime!

More importantly for this police department, the park's frequent visitors feel safer knowing their local police are better equipped to protect them in the event of a crime.

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