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How Flock Safety Stops Crime in Communities

Flock helps communities solve 2 crimes a day by providing police with the evidence they need: the license plate.

Flock Safety co-founder and CEO Garrett Langley knew exactly when he wanted to start a crime-stopping company.

When Garrett first moved into his home a few years ago, he was surprised when a string of break-ins happened nearby. He was even more surprised when he tried to help police by providing home security camera footage of the suspects. Police told him the footage was helpful, but too grainy to act upon. 

"We need a license plate to identify a suspect, not just footage of the suspects' faces."

That's when he knew he needed to build a company that would help both communities and police solve and stop neighborhood crime.

WLTZ First News in Columbus, Georgia has more on how Flock works:

Flock Safety license plate reading cameras are becoming a new tool in the crime-fighting arsenal for neighborhoods and police across the country. With the ability to catch the vehicle “fingerprint” of any car that passes by, communities are choosing measures like Flock Safety with their security.

Flock Safety is a startup company based in Atlanta that already serves over 180,000 homes in 30 states and 270 cities with the goal to completely eliminate non-violent crime. With nearly 87% of property crimes going unsolved, Flock Safety’s mission is to help neighborhoods and police officers work together to prevent and stop crime in their communities.

Marietta is among one of the cities that have touted the success of having Flock Safety in their cities. During the nine months from July 2018 to March 2019, Marietta PD reported a city-wide 12% drop in crime year-over-year. Over the same time period, in areas in Marietta with Flock Safety‘s automatic license plate reading (ALPR) cameras, the drop was nearly three times as high at 34%.

Flock Safety continues to grow and hopes to bring the average clearance rate for nonviolent crimes over 50% in all 50 states. The company is already helping communities do that by solving around 2 crimes a day with the evidence needed for crimes: the license plate.

Watch the full story on WLTZ First News.

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