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How the Safe List Solves Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a top concern and Flock Safety's technology can help

Flock Safety’s Safelist is designed to help maintain resident privacy. The Safelist allows neighborhood residents to self-register their vehicle license plates in their neighborhood’s Flock Safety system. 

How the Safelist Protects Privacy

In short, the Safelist allows footage captured of your vehicle to be marked as “resident.” This way, if a crime happens in your neighborhood and your HOA or trusted neighbor needs to look through Flock footage, they can filter out all known “residents” in their search. This keeps your vehicle out of the search.

Here’s how to register for the Safelist.

Registration is simple. All you need is a link from your authorized Flock system keeper. Your link will take you to a form:

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 2.20.05 PM

On the form, simply enter your street address and license plate number of your vehicle. You can even register more than one vehicle on the same form.

Under the form, you’ll see a box you can check that says “Remove my vehicles from footage.”

When you register your vehicle on Flock’s Safelist, footage of your vehicle won’t be removed completely. Unless you check this box. This ensures that your vehicle will not turn up in a search.

If residents have concerns about being recorded as they enter or exit, the Safelist can provide peace-of-mind by excluding footage of registered vehicles.