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How this Property Manager Sleeps Better at Night with Neighborhood Security Cameras

A Central Florida property manager kept getting late night emergency calls about safety issues, so she used Flock Safety to put an end to the incidents.

By Janice Ng

The Challenge

When Jessica Cox, CMCA, AMS Senior Community Associate Manager at Leland Management, kept getting late night emergency calls about her Central Florida communities’ gates and safety issues, she knew it was time to take action.

The communities Jessica managed were gated, but that was part of the problem. Cars were ramming into the gates at night, rendering them useless in keeping out unwanted guests.

“Prior to using Flock Safety, I routinely had to manually scroll through days or hours worth of footage from our existing security cameras hoping to find a clip that matched residents’ descriptions of an incident,” Jessica said.

More often than not, the clips Jessica found didn’t show the evidence police needed to solve the case. This left the communities she managed with the burden of paying for damages and the stress from not catching the criminal.

The Solution

In her efforts to quell the late night emergencies, Jessica started doing her research on neighborhood security systems. She found cameras that offered LPR (license plate reading) technology, but they came at a high cost that didn’t include software or installation.

Then, she came across Flock Safety’s automatic LPR cameras while scrolling through Facebook.

“I read through the description and a light bulb went off. I couldn’t find anything comparable to the type of software system Flock Safety’s product provides that also includes the hardware and installation all in the price,” Jessica said.

The Result

Once the cameras were installed, it didn’t take long for residents to jump on board. They were impressed with Flock Safety’s ability to capture the frequency of vehicles coming and going.

With Flock’s cameras, Leland Management would also be able to quickly locate and deliver a clear image of license plate information to police simply by searching with a descriptor as vague as vehicle color.

Jessica not only feels her communities are safer, but she also recognizes that the cameras are already preventing crime—there hasn’t been an incident since installation.

“Flock Safety saves my properties a lot of money and saves me a lot of time,” Jessica said. “It’s a benefit for any property or community manager.”

Originally published: 2019-02-21 01:21:22