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InTown Suites Pilot Program Boosted Guest Safety, Expansion to 8 Locations Followed

Meeting hospitality safety needs for America’s largest wholly owned economy extended-stay brand.

By Janice Ng

InTown Suites has its roots in Atlanta, Georgia, starting with only a few locations in 1989. Today, InTown has grown to become America’s largest wholly owned economy extended-stay brand with almost 200 locations in 22 states. The brand has since added Uptown Suites to the name, building almost 10 properties in less than two years.

InTown Suites managers say their guests come from all walks of life and all over the country. Guests include those in between houses or apartments, professionals relocating to a new city, business travelers, and vacationers.

“No matter how long the stay, many of our guests call our InTown Suites locations home, and this is precisely why we want to ensure guests feel safe,” said Jeff Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology for InTown Suites.

The InTown Suites Extended Stay in Suwanee, just 30 miles north of its founding city of Atlanta, is a 127-room hotel that offers a convenient location and top service for both extended-stay and short-term guests.

The challenge: maintaining a first-rate guest safety experience

InTown’s top priority is maintaining guest safety. Their mission is to “make every guest stay memorable with small gestures that make a big difference.”

To ensure memorable guest stays, InTown needed to ensure safety in their locations’ surrounding communities, starting with Suwanee.

InTown needed a safety system that would integrate seamlessly with their properties, simple enough for management to access footage quickly in the event of an incident, and help authorities investigate efficiently.

The solution: simple-installation safety cameras that deliver results

The InTown corporate team found Flock Safety — the license plate reading camera built for community safety.

The Suwanee location introduced the Flock Safety cameras strategically throughout the property.

Here are the benefits Flock provided InTown Suwanee:

24/7 Coverage
Initial results proved that Flock’s solar-powered camera with battery back-up captured activity at all times of the day. Whether at 3 pm or 3 am, Flock was able to read and record vehicles and license plates clearly. InTown management could confidently focus on other areas of the business, like guest relations, instead of worrying about suspicious activity in the area.

Promote Safety
Flock’s camera system works with local authorities to detect crime through a tie-in with the FBI’s list of known wanted vehicles. Flock’s system can automatically send alerts to police when a wanted vehicle is seen. This helps deter would-be criminals from negatively impacting the safety of guests.

With 127 rooms to maintain and manage, the InTown in Suwanee wanted to make sure their focus didn’t have to shift towards keeping up their new security system. Flock Safety installed, serviced, and upgraded cameras at no additional cost. Today, Flock still helps InTown service and maintain their cameras.

“Because we liked the results we saw at Suwanee, I asked Flock Safety to answer the safety needs at our other locations.”

— Jeff Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology for InTown Suites

The results: corporate strategy safety plan expansion to all new locations

InTown quickly expanded their safety coverage to 8 of their locations and have plans to install Flock Safety at every new property moving forward.

Today, Flock is protecting InTown Suites and Uptown Suites in Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida as part of InTown’s corporate strategy.

“Safety is a worthy investment for each of our guests that choose to stay at an InTown or Uptown location,” said Jeff. “Flock has provided really positive results in ensuring residents feel safe. In addition, the surrounding communities and local police benefit from the protection our Flock cameras provide.”

Originally published: 2019-07-09 14:12:30