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LPR Cameras that Let You have the City-Wide Coverage You Need

Flock Safety’s fixed Automatic License Plate Reader delivers more than just plates.

Flock Safety ALPRs deliver more than just license plates, helping you solve more crime.

By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology, the Flock Safety police-grade Falcon camera not only delivers search results based on license plate, but the vehicle details like color, brand, and type of vehicle as well.

With motion activated cameras not solely relying on infrared technology, Flock’s system can also capture vehicles with temporary paper plates and when the tag is completely missing.

“We’re laser-focused on helping police eliminate nonviolent crime,” said Garrett Langley, co-founder and CEO of Flock Safety. “Since the beginning, we’ve worked closely with law enforcement to create our product that today helps police close 1 case each day. Creating the Falcon was no different. We’ve built a system that captures every detail detectives look for, and we’re offering it at a price any agency can afford.”

Scalable Coverage for More Eyes on the Streets

We’ve turned city-wide coverage with cameras that see like a detective from a concept to an achievable reality. Pricing for each police camera is $2,500 per year with a one-time installation of $250. This price can help agencies of any size bring in technology that helps prevent and solve crime. See how Cobb County experienced a 60% drop in crime  by visiting this press release

Get Patrol Officers More Hotlist Alerts

With state detection functionality on all Flock Safety camera systems, your department has access to more accurate hotlist alert notifications than many experience with traditional LPR systems. 

If a wanted car drives by a camera, you have the ability to customize who within your agency receives alerts and how (email, text, desktop). This is a critical piece of our mission to help agencies make their communities safer by stopping crime before it can happen.

See Instant Value in Your Flock Safety System

Installation for police customers typically takes 6-8 weeks from purchase. In a survey of recently implemented agencies, customers made arrests off of their Flock Safety cameras in as little as a week. 

Ready to start solving more crime in your city with the help of Flock Safety LPRs? Contact our team at police@flocksafety.com.  

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