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The Only LPR for Police that Provides Scalable, City-Wide Coverage, the Flock Safety Falcon™ Camera

Flock Safety’s police-grade Automatic License Plate Reader delivers more than just tags.

Flock Safety’s police-grade camera system, the Falcon camera, delivers more than just license plate numbers.

By leveraging the latest object recognition technology, the Falcon camera not only captures every license plate, but also the vehicle details distinct from the plate, like the color and type of vehicle.

Flock’s new system can also identify a temporary paper tag and even a vehicle where the tag is completely missing.

“We’re laser-focused on helping police eliminate nonviolent crime,” said Garrett Langley, co-founder and CEO of Flock Safety. “Since the beginning, we’ve worked closely with law enforcement to create our product that today helps police close 1 case each day. Creating the Falcon was no different. We’ve built a system that captures every detail detectives look for, and we’re offering it at a price any agency can afford.”
Scalable to the coverage you need

We’ve turned city-wide surveillance coverage from a concept to an easily achievable reality. The Falcon camera has an introductory price of $2,000 per camera, per year. This price can help large or small agencies quickly achieve the community-wide coverage they need.

We believe in security as a service. Our price not only includes the camera, but also includes the installation, cloud storage, cellular service, any ongoing maintenance, and access to support from our Customer Success Managers.

How we work together with law enforcement

Flock Safety works with state agencies to access the FBI National Criminal Investigation Center’s daily updated “hot list” of known wanted vehicles.

If a wanted car drives by a camera, we have the ability to notify local law enforcement in real time to help link police officers with known suspects.

This is a critical piece of our mission to help police make their communities safer.

Our Falcon cameras have already been installed on roads that see 20,000 cars per day.

How you’ll see return

With Flock, you can have more eyes on the streets. This will help decrease the number of calls for service your department will receive each day, which in turn will decrease the demand for your officers’ time.

In addition to helping police close at least 1 case each day, neighborhoods with Flock Safety cameras have also seen a 30-50% decrease in crime.

The results are clear, and we want to keep working with you to help you make your communities safer.

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