Metro Atlanta hotel installs license plate readers

Suwanee police are familiar with the InTown Suites off of Celebration Drive, it's an extended-stay that's seen its share of crime.

“When we have criminal activity here it causes disturbances for the people that are here working or visiting or events that we have in the area,” said Suwanee Police Captain Shane Edmisten.

Management with InTown Suites is trying to weed out the trouble by installing automatic license plate readers. The tag readers are now at 10 of their properties.

“Its something that we just recently started doing but it has really good results,” said Jeff Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology for Intown Suites. “The cities and the police departments are really excited about it.”

“They recognize the license plate of every vehicle that drives by day or night,” said Josh Thomas with Flock Safety, the company behind the tag readers.

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