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Neighborhood keeps eyes open

With a growing concern over community crime and the availability of new technology to combat it, the Three Springs Homeowners Association said it would like to install surveillance cameras at the community’s main entrances.

The HOA met recently with the Westlake Village Public Safety Commission to discuss the plan. The city must give its permission before the HOA can install the security cameras.

The HOA is hoping to install surveillance cameras designed by Flock Safety, which provides a wireless system that scans vehicle license plates. The cameras are charged by a solar panel and store information wirelessly. The HOA would have a year-to-year agreement with the company— meaning the cameras could be removed if the neighborhood decides they no longer want them. Each camera costs $1,500 annually, and the HOA is hoping to install at least six.

Flock says its cameras are designed to capture the license plates of vehicles traveling up to 55 mph, day and night.

Read more on The Acorn.

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