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San Antonio Neighborhood Uses New Tech to Curb Crime

A San Antonio neighborhood is taking a stand against crime.

Story from KENS 5.

SAN ANTONIO — Some neighborhoods are using more advanced technology that can not only record footage but can also bank that footage into searchable software.

Helen Cronenberger, president of her local Homeowner's Association, says, "we had some problems in our neighborhood with small robberies and break-ins in homes,"

She says they discovered a model that does more than record.

"It's wireless, so it sends all the information via the internet to their cloud server," Cronenberger said.

The solar-powered, wi-fi enabled cameras send data, including plate numbers, into a software program, allowing the owner to search through the images it has collected. 

Flock says customers own the data and police or the company has to ask for access. It says all footage is deleted after 30 days and residents in a neighborhood can choose to have footage of their own cars deleted before it hits the cloud.

"You can look for any date and certain periods of time and you can look for a vehicle, a bicycle, an animal or a person," Cronenberger said.

Flock, which produces the model Cronenberger's neighborhood purchased, says hundreds of HOAs, schools, apartment complexes and more have installed them.

Read the story on KENS 5.

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