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New Security Cameras Aimed at Catching Criminals in Collierville

Flock Safety is trusted by 7 neighborhoods in Collierville to solve and prevent crime.

Motor vehicle thefts in Memphis, Tennessee are higher than compared to the national average. With over 4,000 reported cases in 2018, police departments throughout the area are searching for ways to combat the widespread issue. 

The Collierville Police Department, located at the eastern edge of Memphis, calls on community relationships to help curb motor vehicle thefts.

The Longwood Subdivision in Collierville is one of seven neighborhoods that trust Flock Safety to help police catch evidence in the event of a crime. Last month, the neighborhood put their Flock camera to use to assist the Collierville PD. 

LocalMemphis has the story.

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – The town of Collierville has a new tool to help curb crime. So far, seven neighborhoods have hired Flock Safety to install license plate reading cameras at entrances and exits in their neighborhoods.

A stolen car from Shelby County was spotted going into the Longwood subdivision off Frank Road about a month ago. Police were able to get the car and arrest the guy who stole it, thanks to the cameras that alerted them.

“We’ve had a history of auto burglaries that’s gone up the last couple of years,” says Collierville Police Lt. David Townsend.

“The last several incidents we’ve dealt with auto burglaries, these guys have been coming out in stolen cars,” says Lt. Townsend.

Several Collierville neighborhoods have banned together to help police fight crime. 

“Unfortunately, 87% of property crime goes unsolved,” says Josh Thomas with Flock Safety.

Seven Collierville subdivisions, like Longwood, had license plate reading cameras installed about a year ago. The cameras take pictures of the cars make, model, color, and license plate. That information goes into a national database. If the car is reported stolen, an alert is sent out and police can respond within seconds.

“The majority of the time if there’s a crime that happens, the police just don’t have the evidence they need to solve it,” says Thomas.

The Collierville Police Department currently has one portable Flock Safety camera. The department is hoping to get a couple more. Lt. David Townsend says tools like this help law enforcement solve crimes faster and help keep neighborhoods safer since officers can’t be everywhere all the time…

“It’s hopefully going to send a message, that, don’t come out here to Collierville and play,” says Lt. Townsend.

Collierville police says it hopes to expand the system to help catch sex offenders and other criminals.

Watch the video on LocalMemphis.com.

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