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Porch Pirate Caught by Washington Neighborhood Flock Safety Camera

Neighborhood now free from further package theft.

According to research, 31% of Americans experienced package theft in 2017. Most prevalent around the holidays, package thieves are commonly known as “porch pirates.” While the term sounds light, police warn citizens not to take the name lightly.

“The term “Porch Pirates” refers to thieves who steal packages that have been delivered and left on residence doorsteps.”

— Marietta, Georgia Chief of Police Dan Flynn in a message to the city

We spoke to a neighborhood that had an unfortunate experience with porch pirates recently. A vehicle entered the neighborhood and swiped a resident’s package from their front porch. Their Flock Safety camera caught the vehicle’s license plate and they handed the footage straight to their local police—all the details police needed to pursue the case.

Police need the right kind of evidence, and Flock Safety has the right solution

Here’s why Flock Safety’s security coverage gets results. Flock’s cameras leverage motion-sensor technology to capture vehicles night and day, driving up to 55 mph. To pursue a case, police need actionable evidence. This includes:

  • The timeframe of the incident
  • Vehicle details like the color and the build
  • Most importantly, the vehicle’s license plate

The neighborhood we spoke to had most of these details ready. They knew when the porch pirate struck and what the vehicle looked like. But they needed one more piece of actionable evidence for police to pursue the case immediately: the vehicle’s license plate.

The neighborhood’s HOA board contacted Flock Safety’s Customer Success team, providing them with the details they knew. This was all Flock needed to pull up the vehicle and its license plate.

With the HOA’s permission, Flock’s team searched for a blue sedan via the system's unique algorithms that can sort vehicles captured by color, time of day, physical attributes, and more. Flock Safety was able to match the footage with the details the HOA gathered. The HOA then handed over the concrete evidence to police.

Setting the course for a safer neighborhood

Our cameras are the foundation for your long-term safety. Where police were previously unable to solve package theft cases because of limited evidence, Flock Safety’s system provides the actionable evidence for police to make arrests.

With Flock Safety, you can send a clear message to porch pirates that you are watching, and you have the evidence to back you up.