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San Diego Neighborhood Gives Police First Lead in Burglary Case Using Flock Safety

A Carmel Valley, San Diego neighborhood is using a high-tech tool to stop crime.

A Carmel Valley, San Diego homeowner witnessed an attempted burglary across the street from his home Friday evening.

His neighborhood had Flock Safety cameras installed at the entrance to keep their community safe. The neighborhood's HOA found Flock footage of the burglar's vehicle leaving the neighborhood and handed it to police.

"Thank you for your quick response and support of the local police at the time of the incident. It was awesome. The camera system captured the perp leaving the community and functioned as advertised. Hopefully, this dangerous person will be captured shortly."

— Email from resident

San Diego's NBC 7 picked up the story.

A Carmel Valley neighborhood is using a high-tech tool to keep the community safe.

The new tool is a solar-powered, wifi connected camera that reads the license plate of every vehicle that leaves the Torrey View neighborhood. There’s a sign on the gate that says, "Notice: 24/7 video recording."

One neighbor has already sent a surveillance image to police.

Lou Kaplan said he watched a home invasion suspect flee his neighbor’s home on Friday, but the HOA was able to send a picture of the car the suspect got away in to the San Diego Police Department.

Kaplan says the HOA board agreed to install the camera from Flock Safety after a series of break-ins in the community.

A [San Diego Police] department spokesperson says video evidence, especially license plates, are valuable tools during investigations.

Watch the full video on NBC 7 San Diego.


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