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A Security Camera System Designed Specifically for Neighborhoods

Prevent neighborhood crime with Flock Safety’s affordable, hands-off security system.

In theory, preventing crime in your neighborhood should be easy.

  1. Install a gate
  2. Keep criminals out

Yet in practice, preventing crime is much more complicated. Traditional security systems have failed several property and community managers.

An easy solution does exist—you need a technology system smart enough to keep criminals out.

Get the right evidence for police to catch the bad guy

Police say that 70% of property crimes occur with a vehicle. Most of the time, the vehicle is stolen.

In order for police to catch a criminal in your neighborhood and prevent a crime from happening again, officers need a license plate.

That’s why we created Flock Safety.

Here’s the truth: a gate isn’t enough to keep criminals out

We spoke to property managers who lamented to us that after spending money installing a gate, criminals and even residents were still finding ways to cheat the system. Neighborhoods were getting fed up dealing with insurance and broken gates, not to mention crime rates were still going strong.

Providing 24/7 surveillance, Flock Safety captures much more than just a license plate. If a vehicle with a paper plate or even no plate at all passes by the camera’s view, our system still collects footage of the vehicle.

One property manager tried several different security solutions for his property. After years, crime rates were still climbing at his properties and residents were unhappy. Then, he tried Flock Safety. He was able to bring down crime at one of his properties from three incidents a week to zero.

We don’t just keep crime away. We help neighborhoods save money by not having to report crimes in the first place.

Save time

With Flock Safety, you’ll no longer have to spend hours looking through security camera footage trying to get a screenshot of the right vehicle or person.

Take it from another property manager we spoke to about her time usage. Before Flock, she once spent 3 hours scanning through footage trying to find a shot she could send to police as evidence. With Flock, she only needed 3 minutes to find the footage she needed. And police were able to act on that evidence.

Three minutes!

Here’s how: With Flock Safety, users can quickly search the system using the data a Flock camera captures. Search by color or type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle), or search by object (animal, person, bicycle). Our system will pull up the clearest shot of your search. 

Our system also allows unlimited users, so you can decide how many people have access to the captured data.

Infrastructure and maintenance

Flock Safety’s ALPR systems can be installed in as little time as 6 weeks. Since our system relies on solar power, we don’t have to connect to your community’s power source to run effectively.

We also make it easy on you when it comes to maintenance.

Ongoing maintenance is included in the price of your Flock camera. That means if we make upgrades to our system, you get that upgrade. At no additional cost for you. If something breaks, we’ll fix it for you. Also at no additional cost.

You also have access to our Customer Success team, who works hard to provide support in the event of a crime.

What about privacy?

As a customer, you own 100% of the data your Flock Safety system collects. It belongs to you and we will always respect that.

Flock Safety doesn’t share or sell your data.

While residents want a system that monitors who comes in and out, they often don’t want to be included in the monitoring. That’s why we came up with our privacy feature called the SafeList, which allows residents to register their license plate and vehicle in their Flock system.

Once registered, a resident’s vehicle footage will be marked as “resident” in their database. In the event of a crime, footage can be filtered by “resident” and “non-resident.”

Preventing property crimes is hard. We’re here to help.

Preventing property crimes should be easy. But the reality is that crime prevention can take hours out of your day, thousands out of your budget, and load a mountain of stress on your back. As a property or community manager, things can get complicated.

With Flock Safety, you can rest easy.

Our systems help you keep a sharp eye on your properties, offering tighter security than a gate or regular camera. We capture the right information police need to solve crimes.

Flock Safety is in neighborhoods and communities stretching from coast to coast, and we designed our system so communities can say, “Flock Safety easily prevents property crimes while saving us time and money.”

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