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“Smart” cameras installed in Midlands neighborhoods, records vehicles’ license plates

A new type of security camera is being installed in the neighborhoods of Columbia, South Carolina.

There’s a new type of security camera that’s been installed in Lexington and Columbia neighborhoods, and it’s designed to take preventative action to eliminate crime. Flock Safety has created a “smart” camera, that is wireless and solar-powered. The product specializes in capturing license plate numbers of cars going in and out of neighborhoods. Flock Safety is an Atlanta-based company that began selling the cameras about 18 months ago.

According to Flock Safety’s Head of Marketing and Communications Josh Thomas, a license plate number is the piece of evidence police need most for a potential incident in a residential area.  He said police departments in Atlanta reported to have crime reduced between 25-50 percent in neighborhoods under Flock surveillance. “It tends to deter criminal activity,” he said. “Our mission as a company is to eliminate all nonviolent crime in the community, and to prevent it from ever happening.” Signs are located at the front of neighborhood entrances letting drivers know it is being monitored by Flock Safety.

Currently, Flock Safety has cameras installed in 20 states. South Carolina cities with Flock cameras include Fort Mill, Greenville, and now recently Lexington and Columbia have been added to the list. Thomas said the names of the neighborhoods will not be revealed, for privacy purposes. 

Read more on Cola Daily - Columbia, SC.

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