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What Happens if a Wanted Car Passes by a Flock Safety Camera?

Flock Safety’s Hotlist integration can stop criminals in their tracks.

Do you want a stolen vehicle driving through your neighborhood? Neither do we. That’s why Flock Safety has a feature called the Hotlist that can help police know if a stolen vehicle passed by the camera. In this post, we walk you through how this feature can help you and your neighborhood stay safe.

First, let’s clear up some questions.

What is the Hotlist?

The Hotlist is a record of stolen vehicles, known wanted criminals, and more. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) gathers this list from state agencies and updates it daily. Criminal justice agencies nationwide tap into this data to help in apprehending criminals.

Who has access to the Hotlist?

Law enforcement agencies nationwide can access and enter records into the NCIC’s lists via their state public safety organization. Many Automatic License Plate Reading (ALPR) systems in use by law enforcement compare captured tags against a list of tags associated with known criminals. However, businesses and private communities that own and use ALPRs don’t have access to do this.

Community Example of the Hotlist in Action

When multiple ALPRs are present in a city, Hotlist notifications from the different cameras will allow officers to better understand where in the city a wanted vehicle has traveled.

Some law enforcement agencies share these maps with neighborhoods and communities through social media groups like Nextdoor so communities and private citizens are aware of spots in the city wanted vehicles have traveled.

Nextdoor Hotlist
Map shared by the Whittier Police Department in California

Tips like this help residents stay aware of stolen vehicle locations and keep an eye out for vehicles of interest. And when communities and law enforcement agencies work together in this capacity, police departments can solve more crime and keep the community safe.

How Flock Safety’s Hotlist Integration Works

After establishing a relationship with local law enforcement, Flock Safety can provide hot tag notifications to that local law enforcement agency from cameras within their jurisdiction as long as the camera owner agrees.

An important note is that Flock Safety does not provide access to the Hotlist. The law enforcement agency must first establish access to the list at the state level. Once that is in place, Flock Safety is able to facilitate hot tag alerts.

How Does My Local Police Department Get Connected?

Hotlist notifications to your local law enforcement agency is a critical piece of our mission to help make your neighborhood a safer place—not just by solving crime, but preventing it.

Our system automatically integrates with the Hotlist upon installation and set up. However, since privacy is a priority for Flock Safety, we allow users to decide if they would prefer to opt out of this feature.

If users elect to opt out, we always comply. But we do caution that in the event a stolen vehicle or wanted criminal passes by their Flock camera, law enforcement will not be notified.

Our Customer Success Management team is always on hand to help in setting up your camera to integrate with the Hotlist.

Even though Hotlist integration is automatic, it is also up to local law enforcement agencies if they would like to engage with the integration (at no cost to them). Once an agency decides, a dedicated team at Flock will work with the agency to help them set up their access to notifications of hot tag reads.

Ready to protect your neighborhood?

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