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Why the Type of Security Camera You Have Makes a Difference

Both for your residents' sense of safety and your workload as a property manager.

Property management companies have a promise to fulfill for their tenants and clients—to keep them safe from unwanted intruders, vandals, or thieves.

As a property or community manager, chances are you already have some type of security system in place. Whether it’s a gate, a controlled access entry system, or traditional security cameras, these systems help you fulfill your promise to your tenants. Several of your residents might even have their own home security cameras as well, like Ring or Nest doorbell cameras.

However, many properties lack the type of security system that can actually help prevent and solve crimes.

When a crime happens, your hope as a property or community manager is to hand over evidence to police as quickly as possible so you can accomplish two things:

1. Get back to keeping your residents happy

Most of the time, you’ll find out about a crime from a resident phone call. Your job is to play detective until you have enough details and facts to hand over to the real detectives. Between calling residents to gather information, property visits, and time spent looking through video footage, you’re looking at a minimum of 3-5 hours out of your day.

If you manage multiple properties, you’ll most likely experience an average of 3 incidents a week. That’s 3 days a week where you spend half your day working to get details over to police.

If you have the right neighborhood security system, you can cut down the time you spend trying to solve crime and get back to your other daily duties.

2. Prevent the incident from happening again

The more you can help police solve your property crime cases, the less crime you’ll see.

Law enforcement agencies have said that other would-be perpetrators quickly get the message when a criminal gets caught. And with visible reminders that your neighborhood is watching, like security cameras and signs, criminals are less likely to target your properties.

The first step to achieving these goals

If you or your residents have existing Ring or Nest security cameras, you’re already one step closer to achieving these goals. Traditional security cameras help you see when an incident occurred and what the scene looked like at the time of the crime

However, video evidence of a person or face alone can’t always solve a case. Law enforcement agencies say facial recognition isn’t helpful in tracking down a perpetrator.

When police get involved, they’ll need actionable evidence to find the criminal—concrete details they can search in an existing system that will help them take the next step to close the case.

You need a security camera system sophisticated enough to read and capture the evidence detectives need to solve a case. This security system should be able to identify the license plate number of a vehicle.

License plate reading cameras capture exactly that—a license plate. With traditional license plate reading cameras, you can pull up a vehicle just by searching a plate number. It’s a fast and efficient solution to getting the right evidence over to the police.

How license plate reading cameras help you quickly get what you need

Instead of spending 3-5 hours gathering evidence, a quick search by partial or full plate number will pull up the footage you need. You can pair this with other security camera footage to help police build the case and take it off your hands.

Why this makes a difference for your daily workload

With just a few keystrokes, you’ll have the exact evidence police need to solve the case. The faster you get evidence over to police, the faster you can take the case off your desk. And with more cases solved, you’ll see fewer repeated incidents in the future. Your residents will also feel safer and happier calling your property home.

If you’re a property or community manager looking for a neighborhood security system, consider giving Flock Safety a try. Besides recording license plates, Flock Safety also reads and captures attributes of a vehicle that detectives look for as case leads: color, type of vehicle, and the timeframe the image was captured.

Cut down your evidence search time even more by filtering irrelevant images like objects or registered residents out of your search.

Ready to take your neighborhood security to the next level?

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