Smarter Video, Sharper Response

Flock Safety Condor™

Flock Safety Condor™ Video

Condor brings high-definition, AI-powered video wherever you need it. With instant alerts and clear footage, you’re always in the know, making your area safer and smarter. Solar-powered video options make setup a breeze with zero downtime.

Smarter Awareness

AI alerts improve how you monitor and respond, keeping places safe.

Seamless Operation

Forget complex setups. Condor works right out of the box.

Reliable Coverage

Our solar tech keeps cameras rolling all day, every day.

Control from a Safe Distance

Get a comprehensive live view during critical incidents.

Build your network

Build your video network

Flock Safety Condor™ Fixed

Fixed, live and recorded video. Ideal for building exteriors and city streets. Now available with AC or solar power.

Flock Safety Condor™ PTZ

Live and recorded video with remote PTZ controls. Ideal for open areas like intersections and parks.

Introducing: People Detection Alerts


Detect people in restricted areas during specified times


Give law enforcement and security teams immediate info.

AI Powered

Identifies human presence without recognizing personal characteristics.

Safer Situational Awareness

Ideal for Foot Traffic

The camera works well for parking lots, neighborhood entrance, parks and pedestrian areas adjacent to streets.

Diversified Coverage

Expand your reach by pairing with Falcon for integrated video and license plate recognition

Advanced Machine Learning

Condor is constantly evolving, with advanced machine learning, including Vehicle Fingerprint® detection and cutting-edge video analytics and alerts.

What our partners have to say

The PTZ function of the Condor camera has allowed our RTIC operator to zoom in during traffic stops in the area and provide real-time information to the officer during the stop. In many cases, officers are timing stops near these cameras as best possible for the additional safety it provides having over-watch.
Lt. Wesley Herman

Citrus Heights Police Dept.

LPR detects a suspect vehicle. By then tapping into live video, we can then determine which turning lane they’re using and analyze their potential route and relay that information in real-time to officers in the field.
Sgt. Tyson Carroll
Intelligence Unit Supervisor

Lexington, KY Police Department

Flock's Impact

Introducing: Visual Alerts


Automatically track vehicles of interest across all live video feeds.


Minimize high-risk pursuits with routing visuals.


Reduce time toggling between feeds; achieve 95% reduction in searches for suspect vehicles.