License Plate Recognition

Flock Safety Falcon™

Flock Safety Falcon™

An indispensable tool for modern law enforcement, this state-of-the-art license plate recognition (LPR) camera doesn't just capture license plates – it's redefining the entire landscape of public safety.

Vehicle Fingerprint® Technology

Identify vehicles by make, color, decals; transforming footage into actionable evidence. No plate required.


Falcon sidesteps traditional infrastructure requirements for faster installs, zero utility costs, and a swift ROI.

Maintenance Free

We service, maintain, and take care of your cameras bundled into one straightforward subscription fee.

Expanded Network Access

Get more leads from local, state, and nationwide network of LPR cameras, with over 1B+ additional plate reads monthly.

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Flock Safety Falcon Flex™

Location-flexible LPR for temporary coverage with easy, self-serve relocation and installation

Flock Safety Falcon™ LR

Get clear footage of vehicles traveling over 100mph across multiple lanes and long distances

Flock Safety Falcon™ SR

Fixed, short-range LPR for parking lots

What our partners have to say

We had a traditional camera, but we were never able to capture a plate at night time. When we got Flock, we were able to get the plate, so we put it into Flock, got a hit a few days later, and captured the suspects in the act of taking a catalytic converter.
Security Manager
Healthcare Facility


The PTZ function of the Condor camera has allowed our RTIC operator to zoom in during traffic stops in the area and provide real-time information to the officer during the stop. In many cases, officers are timing stops near these cameras as best possible for the additional safety it provides having over-watch.
Lt. Wesley Herman

Citrus Heights Police Dept.

We were able to show the vehicle's connection and movement with the Flock Safety footage. Once we gave that information to Memphis PD, they could track it a little bit more and get the arrest warrant. I’m glad to partner with our local agencies, and it feels good to say that. [...] We’re not just protecting our community college. We’re protecting our community, the community, and the city of Memphis community.
L. Angela Webb
Executive Director

Southwest TN Community College

We’ve been looking into gunshot detection for years. When you have gunshot detection by itself, you’ll have officers going to an area to search for shell casings, but that’s all you’ll get. The reason we chose Raven is due to the incredible power of Flock’s LPR.
Stuart VanHoozer
Chief of Police

Cobb County Police Department (GA)

Flock's Impact


more accurate than traditional LPR


Of crime in the U.S. solved by Flock


Crime reduction in Flock cities