License Plate Recognition

Flock Safety Sparrow® LPR

Flock Safety Sparrow® Camera

The Sparrow works 24/7 to capture images of the backs of vehicles that enter your residential community, providing the crucial pieces of evidence that law enforcement needs to investigate a crime.


Runs on solar power and LTE, so it can be installed almost anywhere with no additional utility bills

24/7 Protection

Captures license plates 24 hours per day

Real-time Alerts

Automatically notify law enforcement when a wanted vehicle enters your neighborhood

Subscription Service

Flock takes care of hardware, permitting, installation, maintenance and software training

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What our partners have to say

Just knowing that we have a way to deter crime, and if crime did happen – we have a way to solve crime. That’s the number one thing that I like.
Larry Hubbard
Board Member

Tennessee Neighborhood HOA

Before we got Flock, we had trailers stolen, bicycles stolen, porch pirates, petty theft and in the two years that we've had the Flock system, no crime at all.
Bruce Krefting
HOA Member

Beverly Hills Lake Estates II

I’m not that computer savvy and I find it very easy to use Flock. I put in the date and a time period and the cars are all there, the license plates, the make and model. Plus, it tells you how many times they’ve been through — if they’ve been on the street 30 times in the last month, we know they’re probably a resident.
Richard Warshaw
HOA Board President

Aurora, Colorado

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