Camera Integrations

Flock Safety Wing®

Flock Safety Wing®

Integrate third-party LPR and video cameras into FlockOS® for a seamless workflow

Consolidate your camera network

Save money and time by integrating your current camera infrastructure with your real-time intelligence platform.

Focus on safety, not camera health

Flock ensures camera stream connectivity, device health, and overall system maintenance so you don’t have to.

Manage video and LPR evidence seamlessly

Access LPR Hot List alerts, on-scene video footage, and consolidated evidence in one platform.

Build your network

Which camera integration is right for you?

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Flock Safety Wing® Cloud

Access live video, recorded video, and even turn your video camera into an LPR camera through a direct-to-camera connection

Flock Safety Wing® Gateway

Consolidate live and recorded video from various private and public cameras with a Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Flock Safety Wing® VMS

Access live and recorded video from your existing video management system

What our partners have to say

"FlockOS® is scalable, allowing us to regionalize our Real Time Information Center (RTIC) operations immediately, saving neighboring cities hundreds of thousands of dollars in build costs and expanding a regional intelligence network.
Jamie Hudson
RTIC Manager

Elk Grove, CA Police Department

The Wing integration just works. And it gives me a legitimate chance of getting the evidence I need to help us solve more cases.
Adam Senf

Vacaville, CA Police Department

Flock's Impact