FlockOS® 911

Improve safety,
accelerate case resolution

Give patrol officers access to 911 audio, transcriptions, and on-scene media en route

Bypass dispatch delays

Patrol Officers get live 911 calls and transcripts on their MDTs for faster, informed decisions, which cuts response time and improves outcomes.

Get to evidence faster

Quickly access call recordings and visuals from 911 callers and Flock Safety LPR and video to jumpstart investigations, securing evidence and leads before they go cold.

Gain situational clarity

Stream on-scene video and images uploaded by 911 callers for pre-arrival incident context, essential for efficient crime resolution and public safety.

Cut through the noise

With location-based call filtering, ensure that responses are prioritized effectively, concentrating efforts on the most critical incidents to optimize resources and response times.

Bridge the 911 information gap

Achieve peak situational clarity between 911 callers, dispatchers, RTCCs, and patrol officers. Access unified incident insights from any computer or MDT.

  • Play 911 Call Audio

  • See 911 Call Transcription

  • Call Filtering via Patrol Location

  • Caller-Sourced Video

  • Caller-Sourced Images

  • Integrated LPR, Video, and Audio Evidence


Consolidate your technology to solve more crime

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