Analyze Traffic with Your LPR Network

Traffic Analytics unlocks the potential of your existing Flock Safety License Plate Recognition technology for critical traffic management insights

Precise Vehicle Counts

This transformative software solution captures unique and total vehicle counts across the LPR network you already use. Data is aggregated in 15 minute bins for fine-grained analysis

Vehicle Fingerprint

Flock’s Vehicle Fingerprint® technology provides more information for greater data collection, allowing segmentation by vehicle state, class, and make.

Secure Data Sharing

Enhance cross-agency cooperation with secure, coordinated sharing for a detailed understanding of traffic flows to optimize planning and day-to-day management.

Fully Managed Solution

This seamlessly integrated solution that brings together hardware and software, all tailored to your existing LPR infrastructure.

Bring Public Safety and Transportation Together

Leverage Flock Safety's national LPR network to gather the right data for safer traffic planning and roadways. Share and receive traffic insights securely between law enforcement, parks departments, emergency management, economic development and/or transportation agencies, fostering a united front in community safety efforts.

  • Traffic Engineering: expand your network of continuous counting stations

  • Emergency Management: Use historical traffic data to develop evacuation and emergency response plans 

  • Resource Planning: Leverage historical data to strategically deploy safety and enforcement resources 

  • Economic Development: Leverage data on traffic in your city to understand economic trends and make better strategic investments


Serious Traffic Analysis Using Technology You Already Have

Add Analytics to Your LPR Network


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