Community Safety

Flock Safety Neighborhood Security Success

February 1, 2023

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Community Safety

Flock Safety Neighborhood Security Success

Flock Safety has helped thousands of neighborhoods across the country significantly reduce crime with their license plate reading cameras.  70% of all crime is committed with a vehicle. So whether it’s vandalism, theft, or other suspicious activity, Flock Safety’s technology quickly and objectively identifies a suspect’s vehicle. If a crime does occur, Flock can automatically alert local law enforcement. 

The numbers alone are impressive, but it’s the success stories from neighborhoods and HOAs that convey Flock Safety’s positive impact on the everyday safety and well-being of communities just like yours.

If you’re part of a neighborhood or HOA looking to enhance the security of your community, Flock Safety can provide an effective solution with proven results. Here are the top 4 reasons neighborhoods turn to Flock Safety for their neighborhood security. 

Success Story One: Flock Safety cameras provide actionable evidence for law enforcement

“Being able to have objective evidence outside of the other normal means is very assistive” -Chief Jeffrey Norman, Milwaukee Police Department 

The top reason neighborhoods and HOAs opt to use Flock Safety for their neighborhood security is that Flock’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) cameras deliver actionable, objective evidence in the form of license plate numbers. Doorbell cameras can provide a timestamp of activity, and gates can offer a sense of security, but neither can deliver the type of definitive evidence that Flock Safety license plate reader cameras can.

That’s why the Forest Hills neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma turned to Flock Safety after a series of property crimes. Residents were frustrated that eight years of investing in a security service had led to a hefty bill but no arrests. One Forest Hills resident began searching for a different solution and discovered Flock Safety. The neighborhood found its game changer. The success of the Flock Safety system in Forest Hills inspired the Tulsa police to install Flock cameras in high-crime areas. 

Installing Flock Safety ALPR cameras in your neighborhood ensures you have the best system possible for reducing crime by generating clear and actionable evidence.

Success Story Two: Flock Safety augments individual home security for improved neighborhood security

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“If there is an incident, we could provide investigators and police with that additional information that they could use to help solve crimes.” -McLean, VA resident

Home security systems offer several benefits, such as peace of mind and crime deterrence. However, self-monitored systems are only effective if someone is watching the system and can respond. What happens if you’re away from home enjoying a late-night event and miss a notification of a break-in? A homeowner can hire a professional monitoring service, but this incurs an extra expense. 

Flock Safety augments home security systems by adding another layer of protection. If your home security catches a break-in, you can use the information from the Flock cameras to have a better idea of what happened and the evidence to go with it in the form of a license plate number.

When a small, high-profile, 12-home neighborhood in McLean, VA decided to take action against rising crime in their community, they didn’t want to rely on home security systems alone. For such a small community, they were facing dangerous, repeated offenses, including several burglaries and attempted car thefts. Their security controls clearly weren’t offering enough protection. 

The solution for this neighborhood was Flock Safety. The McLean community partnered with Fairfax County police to install Flock cameras. Now the cameras capture every vehicle license plate number entering and leaving the McLean neighborhood.

Since the installation of the cameras, residents have enjoyed a substantial reduction in incidents, a change they credit to the Flock Safety system.

Success Story Three: Flock Safety acts as a crime deterrent in your neighborhood

“We do feel that this is a viable crime prevention and fighting tool.” - Don Bushell, Alder Meadow HOA President

In South King County, Washington, residents use Flock Safety cameras to prevent crime and give them greater peace of mind.

It started when Don Bushnell returned to his Alder Meadow home to discover he’d been burglarized. He found jewelry and possessions missing and his sense of safety rattled. It was enough of a shake-up that he decided to take action. 

The Alder Meadow HOA held a vote on whether to install Flock Safety cameras in the neighborhood, and homeowners unanimously agreed. Now, the 30-home community has a sense of comfort knowing that the cameras are capturing the license plates of all vehicles entering and leaving the community. The HOA believes installing Flock Safety cameras was a necessary step in safeguarding the community and deterring bad actors from committing crimes in the area. 

Flock Safety license plate readers can help prevent crime in your neighborhood by providing a visual deterrent and quickly alerting law enforcement of vehicles connected to a crime. That doesn’t mean the entrance to your community will be marred by messy wires and obtrusive systems. Neighborhood residents will appreciate the subtle design of Flock Safety cameras, in addition to the affordable cost and subscription-based service that solves the hassle of installation and maintenance. 

Success Story Four: Flock Safety Helps Solve Crimes

“Police say when a suspect made a u-turn here to go after his intended victim, [Flock cameras] captured an image of his car, which led to his capture.” - Atlanta reporter Tom Regan

In Duluth, GA, Flock Safety cameras have helped Duluth police arrest a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run. When the driver of a white SUV hit another driver and fled the scene, Duluth's police officers were able to search the Flock system within hours of the incident. Officers were able to search specific timeframes and vehicles matching the SUV’s description.  One of Duluth’s 20 Flock cameras located the white SUV in question. Police were then able to track down and charge the suspect. 

Without Flock’s ALPR cameras, the crime never would have been solved, leaving the victim’s family members without a sense of resolution. A spokesperson for the Duluth PD called the Flock system a “game-changer.” Other communities have also seen the benefits of using Flock Safety in their neighborhoods to solve crimes and create safer communities. 

After a crime is committed, camera footage is immediately available and searchable, which aids in the fast response to crime. This footage can then be printed and shared with the police. Neighborhoods can also grant law enforcement access to neighborhood cameras for even more efficient lead generation. 

Flock Safety is committed to solving crime through an ethical approach that values technology as a force for good.  Customers own all of the data collected, and Flock will never share public safety information with a third party. Neighborhoods can feel safe knowing their privacy is a top priority. A Safe List option allows only images of non-resident vehicles to be recorded, giving residents more privacy options. 


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The success stories from neighborhoods and HOAs using Flock Safety show how Flock helps people feel safer in their communities. As one law enforcement officer said, “We’ve had enormous success with Flock, and that’s kind of an understatement—there’s just not a bigger word.” 

No matter what measures you already have in place or if your neighborhood is just starting to look into security options, Flock Safety can address the needs of any community. With Flock Safety, the next success story can be yours to tell.

Flock Safety is a public safety operating system that helps communities and law enforcement in 2000+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. We build devices that capture objective evidence and use machine learning to create and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Our proprietary devices and cloud-based software reduce crime by +70%. Flock Safety serves 2000 cities in 42+ states and is helping solve hundreds of crimes every day.

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