About Flock

Flock Safety Announces $150M Series E led by Tiger Global

February 15, 2022

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About Flock

Flock Safety Announces $150M Series E led by Tiger Global

Let's work together, and eliminate crime

Crime. It’s a complex problem and requires a lot of people working together to solve it. At Flock Safety, it’s our mission to eliminate it. And what an incredible time to work on solving such an important problem in America.

In fact, working with communities like yours, we had an exceptional year at Flock Safety.

We doubled our total number of customers, and tripled our revenue for the third year in a row. 

We announced a new audio detection device, called Raven, and when paired with your traditional Flock Falcon license plate reader, police can go from a gunshot fired to a suspect license plate - instantly.

We added 225 full-time, fully remote employees across 35 states, bringing our total headcount to 350 employees. And we launched our first employee resource group, called the Women of Flock.

Most importantly, we went from helping your communities solve ~185 crimes per day, to +500 crimes per day - a staggering 2.3% of reported crime in America is solved in part with Flock evidence.

Because of the trust you and your city leaders have put in us, you’ve seen crime reduction in places like Marietta, GA, Shelby County, TN, La Cañada-Flintridge, CA, Grand Prairie, TX, Cranston, RI, Tampa, FL, Greenville, SC, and thousands of more cities around this great country. But even more importantly, you’ve seen crime reduction within an ethical framework.

Today, I have the privilege of announcing Flock Safety has just raised a $150 million Series E led by Tiger Global at a $3.5B valuation. They were joined by new investors 776 and Spark Capital. Our existing investors at a16z, Bedrock, Matrix, Meritech, and Initialized also joined the round as the company wrapped up an exceptional 2021. This brings Flock’s total funding raised in the company’s life to over $380 million.

But this is just the beginning for Flock. We have a ton of exciting updates planned for the rest of the year and I cannot wait to share them with you soon!

We started Flock Safety five years ago with a belief that with better evidence, law enforcement and city leaders, with the residents and businesses they are tasked to serve, could work together to eliminate crime. 

Fast forward to today, and the world is filled with uncertainties that we can’t control. We’ve all suffered a two-year global pandemic. People across the political spectrum can’t seem to agree on anything. And violent crime is rising in cities across America. While the need for public safety has never been greater, it’s seemingly impossible to fill the thousands of open police officer jobs. And our country demands that however we proceed, we do so fairly, and provide public safety for everyone.

We agree. It’s time to work together and embrace the future of public safety. 

Flock Safety technology is live in over 1,500 cities across the country. We’re working with neighborhoods, businesses, law enforcement, and city leaders to provide the objective and indiscriminate evidence needed to clear over 500 crimes per day.

And before we launched our company, before we ever deployed a single product into the world, we seriously thought through and evaluated how to deploy technology that would collect indiscriminate and objective evidence. We put policies in place that were open and transparent. And we built a framework that upheld our civil liberties and used technology to equitably benefit every pocket of society.

And that’s why we’re raising this capital today. We wanted to ensure that Flock Safety would be your long-lasting solution to the crime problem in America.

At Flock, our team has been focused on delivering on our existing plan to reduce reported crime in America by 25% over the next three years. Today, this capital helps us execute on this opportunity to make long-term investments in the cities that need it. 

We’re hiring hardware and software engineers to build devices and sensors that capture more types of evidence like gunshots or illegal street racing; full-time technicians to accelerate installation and maintenance of those devices; and leaders in supply chain, logistics, marketing, and government affairs.

Our business isn’t changing - it’s expanding. Our products are getting better and solving more types of crime. We’d like to invite you to be a part of this opportunity for all people to work together on a huge, difficult problem. And if we get it right, if we deploy the right technology with the best people and smart policies, you can be a part of a legacy that will change America for the better. 

Let’s work together to eliminate crime.

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