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3 Ways License Plate Readers Really Reduce Crime

By Meg Heusel

When families look for a new home, one of the first factors they consider is the safety of the neighborhood. How safe do you feel in your neighborhood? What actions do you take to reduce crime in the area? There are numerous ways to protect your community. Investing in technology like Flock Safety’s license plate readers provide an extra set of eyes for law enforcement that will ultimately help police officers solve crimes.

Crime prevention

In a world that relies so heavily on technology, we see homeowners taking security into their own hands. Many homeowners today have technology in place to keep them safe. For instance, homeowners use security alarm systems, with alerts going directly to their cell phones. Within the last year, Ring brand doorbells and cameras became increasingly popular and provided critical data to police with the holiday porch piracy trend. Is there anything more you can do to prevent crime in your community? Thanks to Flock Safety’s license plate readers, yes, there is!

License plates are often the best piece of evidence in a crime. In fact, 70% of crimes involve a vehicle. Security systems and doorbell cameras are helpful in some cases, but there is nothing better than a license plate that provides law enforcement the information they need to track leads to solve a crime.

Here are some of the ways license plate readers can help reduce crime in your community:

Hotlist Alerts

How many times have you had to look for a specific license plate? Or, how often do you hear about law enforcement searching for a particular license plate? There are always license plates that police officers are actively searching for. With automatic license plate systems, all police have to do is pre-load a list of license plates they are looking for, and the system sends an alert to the officer’s mobile reader in the vehicle or the agency if it’s a fixed reader. These systems can alert officers of any vehicle that at large for any known or suspected involvement in a misdemeanor or cases more serious such as stolen vehicles or outstanding arrest warrants. License plate readers will notify law enforcement whenever a flagged vehicle enters your community.


There is nothing like a good piece of evidence to solve a case. License plates are a great piece of evidence that can help solve crimes such as burglary. In Sandy Springs, Georgia for example, a neighborhood had a Flock Safety system in place. The Flock safety system served as evidence once the neighborhood association gave consent to Flock Safety to locate the footage of the suspicious vehicle. Once officers connected the time of the break-in to the images of the perpetrator leaving the neighborhood, they were able to use these pieces as crucial evidence to solve the case. You can read the full details about this case here.

Flock Safety license plate readers are also helping to solve cold cases. An aggravated assault case in Marietta, Georgia was solved because of the evidence provided by Flock Safety. After the incident, officers arrived on the scene, and that is when the victim provided the suspect's name and license plate information.

Little did the suspect know those license plate readers were installed in their neighborhood. Once the suspect arrived in the community, the system notified the police officers that the vehicle arrived at the location. Officers were then able to get to the location, find the suspect, and take them into custody.

Prevent Car Break-Ins

Car break-ins happen even in the safest neighborhoods. The best you can do is to be prepared by locking your vehicles and not keeping any valuables in your car. License plate readers also happen to be one of the best ways to prevent car break-ins. Unfortunately, car theft doesn’t happen to just one person in a neighborhood, but quite a few people. These individuals that commit car theft crimes are looking for an opportunity. Be alert, and don’t give them that chance. Flock Safety is a visual deterrent that can encourage these opportunists to look elsewhere. If an individual has a record and their license plate is flagged, any time their vehicle enters the neighborhood, officers are alerted and ready to follow up.

Take the Initiative To Keep Your Community Safe

Flock Safety is helping neighborhood associations and law enforcement reduce crime rates all over the country. Learn more about the crimes Flock Safety has helped resolve. Take the initiative and invest in technology that helps keep your community safe. 

Originally published: 2020-02-06 21:28:55