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How Property Managers can Demonstrate Their Value to Residents

The key: open communication

When a family made the move into a new neighborhood, they didn’t expect to see flashing blue police car lights in a neighbor’s driveway just down the street within the week. Questioning their decision to move and feeling shaken, the family reached out on their neighborhood’s Nextdoor group.

What they received next was a surprise.

Fellow residents were quick to reassure the family about their choice of neighborhood.

“Just hang in there,” one of the comments read. “Our property managers are already on it.”

Sure enough, they received an email the very next day from their property manager sharing updates on the incident, steps they were taking with police, and safety tips the rest of the neighborhood could follow.

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Not only did the family feel more at ease with their choice to move in, but they also felt safer.

Take it from this property manager. She was quick to share updates with residents. She was quick to act with police. She even shared proactive safety tips the neighborhood could follow.

Most importantly, this property manager was open about the work she was doing behind the scenes.

Without her willingness to share, the family would never have known that something was already being done to solve and keep out incidents. They also would never have known how much work goes into resolving just one incident.

It was an eye-opening experience. 

This is how you can demonstrate your value to your residents:

Show them who you are and the work you’re doing to keep them safe. Start by sending out a quick email with updates after an incident happens. Residents will be more appreciative and understanding when issues arise.

You’re only human. And there’s only so much you can accomplish in one day. Don’t be afraid to show your residents how your work benefits them.

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