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What if I’m an Individual Homeowner and I Want To Have Security Coverage?

How Flock Safety can protect your home

If you’ve ever had a package stolen from your porch or your car broken into, chances are the perpetrator was long gone before you realized anything had happened.

Frustrated and ready for a solution, you start looking at home security cameras in order to prevent future incidents.

Traditional Home Security Cameras

There are several options when it comes to home security cameras. Doorbell cameras are one example. These systems typically don’t require the agreement of your neighborhood to install, and you can purchase a system fairly quickly.

But these systems still require installation and ongoing maintenance. They also come with a significant downside.

Facial recognition technology doesn’t stop crime. Simply recording a suspect’s face doesn’t provide reliable evidence police need to solve a case.

We Have A Simple Solution

Let Flock Safety keep your home safe.

Here’s how: Flock Safety’s mission is to help eliminate nonviolent crime. To do this, our system captures the number one piece of evidence police need to solve a crime—a license plate. Police need a lead they can quickly use to find a suspect and license plates are issued by the state. Police can instantly run the license plate to get a lead.

We work with neighborhoods and communities of all sizes in providing security coverage.

We can also work with your individual home.

How One Homeowner Found Peace of Mind with Flock Safety 

Christian, a real estate agent in California, lives in a neighborhood with an HOA. But when Christian approached his HOA with concerns about crime in his community, his request for a neighborhood-wide security camera was turned down by several neighbors.

So he took it upon himself to protect his home.

Christian’s priority was to keep his home safe from crime, so he made the decision to purchase and install his own security camera on his property.

Christian had several home security options to choose from, but he chose Flock Safety because he knew our system could deliver actionable evidence to police.

And it was simple.

“I chose Flock Safety because I wanted the strongest security solution for my home. As a real estate agent and homeowner, I don’t want to wait for something bad to happen to my home or my listings before taking action. With crime increasing in the community around my homes, I would highly recommend other neighborhoods install Flock Safety for security and peace of mind. I am still beyond satisfied with the entire Flock system and team from start to finish.”

— Christian, Beverly Hills, California

We believe in security as a service, so our system’s price includes installation, ongoing maintenance, ongoing support from our Customer Success Managers, and software updates. This is what sets us apart from traditional home security systems.

Like we did for Christian, Flock Safety will walk with you every step of the way. This includes installing and maintaining your camera, and providing the support you need if a crime occurs. And just like with a traditional home security camera, you’ll own 100% of your footage.

Today, our system helps police solve 1 case every day. Neighborhoods with Flock also report a 30-50% reduction in crime after installation.

Ready to protect your home?

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