Why Communities Trust Us

We help eliminate crime

We exist to eliminate crime and keep your community safe. Our holistic public safety platform is comprehensive and intelligent – that means you have the actionable evidence you need to solve, deter and reduce crime across neighborhoods, schools, businesses and entire cities.

Your scalable, centralized, evidence-first solution

Whether you’re a large commercial business addressing organized retail crime or a law enforcement agency looking to multiply your force, we have the end-to-end solution for your needs. By layering powerful evidence like LPR and live video – you have the tools and intelligence you need to make progress on improving the safety and security of your community and assets.

24/7 community coverage

Flock is working when you’re not. With AI and machine-learning powered technology, Flock gives you detailed information that you may not have otherwise.

Tap Into a Team of Experts

You receive Flock’s full-service support, including: city-wide coverage mapping; help securing public and private partnerships; installation; maintenance; external affairs support; and education and training for your business, agency or community. This suite of services ensures that you have everything you need to be successful.

Harness the Power of Community

Stop wasting valuable time hunting for evidence. With Flock’s expansive coverage of connected communities, powered by public and private partnerships, you have more data and more opportunities to solve crime. Flock’s Platform gives you the power of intelligent evidence at scale.

Choose a Trusted Partner

You can rest easy knowing that we design our solutions for secure, responsible use – including various user permissions, usage audit capabilities, and limited data retention. You own 100% of the footage collected with our devices, meaning we never share or sell your data with third parties. Communities and local governments prefer Flock because of our commitment to privacy, transparency and an ethical approach to innovation.

Invest in Proven ROI

Flock’s evidence-first approach ensures that you have the holistic data needed to quickly respond to incidents and investigate crimes – resulting in strong ROI, quick time to value, a safer community, and improved officer safety. Some communities have seen up to a 100% solved rate on homicides, and up to a 80% decrease in residential burglary – you can see the results for yourself and trust that Flock’s technology delivers on eliminating crime.

Streamline Your Solution

By choosing Flock Safety, you get a turnkey solution – including hardware, software, and maintenance across License Plate Reader (LPR), Audio, Video and Real-Time Intelligence. Now you only have one vendor relationship to manage for all of your public safety intelligence needs.

Scale to Fit Your Needs

With Flock you can easily expand and grow your footprint based on your ever-changing needs. As the concerns of your community change over time or as you unlock more budget, your coverage and capabilities can grow with Flock’s platform.

What our partners have to say

Having an environment that is welcoming and warm, where people feel valued and engaged, allows people to learn at their optimal capacity. That’s what safety does for a school.
Kevin Tooson

Licking Heights Middle School | Ohio

Our goal is to ensure that everyone feels safe on their school campus [...] We are constantly thinking about ways to secure our campuses and protect students and staff, while protecting their privacy.
Mike Looney

Fulton County Schools

"FlockOS® is scalable, allowing us to regionalize our Real Time Information Center (RTIC) operations immediately, saving neighboring cities hundreds of thousands of dollars in build costs and expanding a regional intelligence network.
Jamie Hudson
RTIC Manager

Elk Grove, CA Police Department

They have done a lot to help the victims of crime and that’s what we’re all about.
Linda Gorton

City of Lexington

Before we got Flock, we had trailers stolen, bicycles stolen, porch pirates, petty theft and in the two years that we've had the Flock system, no crime at all.
Bruce Krefting
HOA Member

Beverly Hills Lake Estates II

This is the single greatest change since DNA – what this system does is a game-changer.
Matt Murray
Chief of Police

Yakima Police Dept.