Community Safety Tips

Take these proactive steps to promote safety in your neighborhood.

  1. Close and Lock Your Windows
    Remember to close and lock your windows when you leave your house or turn in for the night. Open windows are a prime entrance opportunity for potential burglars.

    Open blinds also present an opportunity for people to look inside your home or your garage. When closing your windows, remember to also reach for the blinds.
  2. Don’t Hide Spare Keys Outside
    It can be tempting to keep a spare key hidden under a flower pot or a doormat, but this provides an easy opportunity for burglars to gain access to your home.

    Consider keeping your key in a lockbox that requires a unique combination code, or even a smart lock that connects to an app.
  3. See Something, Say Something
    If you haven’t already, make friends with your neighbors. Friendly neighbors are more likely to look out for each other. Just as you expect your neighbors to speak up if they notice suspicious activity around your home, do the same for them.

    Don’t assume someone else has reported the suspicious vehicle or individual you’ve seen. Work with your local police to share potential crimes in your community.
  4. Don't Watch Crime, Solve It
    A doorbell camera is optimized for surveillance and capturing people. Facial recognition is only useful if the suspect is "known".

    Flock Safety cameras capture a vehicle's license plate as it enters a community to provide police with the actionable evidence they need. With 7 in 10 crimes being committed with a vehicle, the Flock Safety camera captures a suspect's car to help solve crime and stop it from happening again in your neighborhood. 

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