What is the SafeList?

The SafeList is an optional feature available to customers at no additional cost.

The SafeList is available to customers who want to make it easier to find potential suspects in the event of a crime. By providing resident license plate details, your community can quickly exclude every neighbor from search results. This makes finding suspicious vehicles from your Flock Safety footage even faster! 

To get started, you can contact our team at hello@flocksafety.com. This is what you should expect:

  • Receive a customized sign-up form for your community
  • Send the form to your neighbors 
  • Interested participants upload their license plate details 
  • Every time the Flock camera sees their car, the footage will be marked as "Resident"  

If a member of your community does not want their car to be captured by a Flock camera at any time, this is also an option they can select with the SafeList. 

Please contact hello@flocksafety.com for more details.