Law Enforcement

More Products. More Possibilities.

May 18, 2023

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Law Enforcement

More Products. More Possibilities.

Today, we expanded the lineup of the Flock Safety Platform – a combination of hardware and software products to eliminate crime and shape a safer future together. By bringing together license plate recognition (LPR), audio and video, you get the power of actionable evidence at your fingertips to solve more crime. 

Let's take a look at the exciting updates launched today.

LPR for Every Roadway and Use Case

At Flock Safety, we understand that LPR evidence is crucial for solving crimes, and we're committed to continuously expanding our LPR capabilities to increase city-wide coverage and make LPR accessible for every use case and roadway.

With cars being used in the commission of so many crimes – the more LPR cameras you have in your community, the higher your case clearance rates are, and the safer your community becomes.

Flock Safety’s LPR cameras help law enforcement agencies in thousands of communities solve hundreds of crimes every week.

Flock Safety LPR has helped agencies across the country improve case clearance and reduce violent crime, as was seen in the 13% drop in violent crime last year in Fort Worth, TX. Fort Worth Police leadership specifically point to Flock Safety LPR cameras as an important factor in this significant crime drop.

We launched the standard Falcon in 2017 to provide standard roadway coverage. In 2021, we introduced the Falcon Flex, which empowered agencies with a tactical, location-flexible version of the Falcon.

Now, we're thrilled to introduce two new additions to the Falcon LPR Suite. These enhancements will ensure you never miss a lead – no matter where the vehicle may go.

Let’s dive into the two latest additions: Flock Safety Falcon® SR  and Flock Safety Falcon® LR.

The Flock Safety Falcon® SR (short-range) camera is a tactical solution designed to capture tighter angles and distances such as inner-city spaces, business or school parking lots and park entrances.

The Flock Safety Falcon® LR (long-range) is a LPR camera designed for high-speed, high-volume roadways. Most existing LPR devices service smaller roadways with narrow lanes, missing offenders traveling on interstate highways. Falcon LR fills this gap in coverage.

Flock Safety Falcon
"The Flock Safety license plate readers have been a force multiplier for us. There’s no way you could put an officer where these locations are, 24/7, and capture the amount of information the cameras are able to capture.

Captain Jacob Johnston | Tulsa Police Department

Both of these new devices apply Flock’s game-changing, proprietary Vehicle Fingerprint ™ technology which catalogs unique identifying features, such as make, model, color, and any special markings or attachments – in addition to license plates. This ensures we deliver the vehicle details needed to enhance investigative leads and solve crimes more quickly.

These new camera versions ensure that a community can access the benefits of LPR coverage no matter the roadway infrastructure or situation. Flock Safety is proud to now offer a robust LPR suite to address every roadway and scenario:

Audio Evidence to Promote Faster Responses and Improved Safety

We’re also excited to announce progress on Flock Safety Raven®, our cutting-edge audio detection system. We designed and launched Flock Safety Raven® just over a year ago with our mission and a single goal in mind: to eliminate crime.

The first audio signature capability is gunshot detection.

While gunshot detection technology isn't new, Flock is redefining it and addressing the shortcomings of traditional systems. However, Raven is not just a gunshot detection system. The real power of Raven’s audio detection is its deep integration with the rest of the Flock Safety platform, such as Flock Safety LPR devices. By pairing Flock’s advanced LPR capabilities with gunshot detection, law enforcement agencies get the comprehensive, actionable evidence they need to respond to shootings quickly and effectively.

Here’s how Flock Safety Raven® helps you respond faster and more safely:

  • Detect and locate gunshots and victims faster than ever before - With notifications of shots fired in 45 seconds or less, officers can arrive on the scene swiftly, securing the area, locating victims, and preserving crucial evidence.
  • Identify real-time vehicle leads with intuitive software - By drawing a virtual crime scene perimeter, you can instantly search the area for potential suspects using vehicle leads.
  • Build stronger cases for gun-related crimes - Gather critical audio and geospatial data to support physical evidence, such as shell casings, from the shooting scene.
  • Fast, scalable deployment tailored to your city layout - With affordable ¼ square mile coverage, you can concentrate your resources on areas with the highest gun crime rates.
Flock Safety Raven
"When you have gunshot detection by itself, you’ll have officers going to an area to search for shell casings, but that’s all you’ll get. The reason we chose Raven is due to the incredible power of Flock Safety’s LPR.

Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer | Cobb County Police Department

The Flock Safety Raven® system currently boasts best-in-class accuracy and efficacy stats:

  • 90% gunshot detection accuracy
  • Less than 45 seconds to dispatch
  • Under 90 feet gunshot location accuracy

“When you have gunshot detection by itself, you’ll have officers going to an area to search for shell casings, but that’s all you’ll get,” said Cobb County Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer. “The reason we chose Raven is due to the incredible power of Flock Safety’s LPR.”

Prior to installing Flock Safety Raven®, Cobb County utilized stand-alone Flock Safety ALPR for many years, which leaders said contributed to demonstrably increased case clearance rates – culminating in a 100% homicide solve rate in Cobb County over the past two years.

Raven has seen phenomenal adoption and success. In just a year, we’ve added 150+ new cities and are adding 4+ square miles each week to help address gun violence. We also see crimes solved each week, like locating and arresting a suspect in a deadly Wichita shooting.

Live and Recorded Video for Ultimate Situational Awareness

At Flock, we have a relentless commitment to revolutionizing the way we solve crime by layering technology and data. We do this by unlocking intelligence for officers to clear more cases, and keep people safer in a scalable and affordable way.
Our LPR and audio detection systems have already made a profound impact on communities, and our newest addition to the Flock hardware lineup is Flock Safety Condor™.

Flock Safety Condor is a groundbreaking live and recorded video subscription service that provides real-time, on-the-scene footage, eliminating the need for hardware procurement, installation, infrastructure, or IT maintenance.

By partnering with Flock, agencies save time and reduce the cost of ownership, making it a perfect fit for those with limited resources or budgets or who work with legacy integrators who struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation.

We will be initially offering two cameras as part of the Flock Safety Condor™ video system:

  1. Condor PTZ Camera: Features a wider field of view with changeable orientation, making it ideal for intersections and open areas.
  2. Condor Bullet Camera: Provides a narrower field of view with a longer range and zoom capabilities, perfect for monitoring surroundings of buildings, city streets, and other areas that require constant recording.

Flock Safety Condor™ provides agencies with both live video streaming and 30 days of accessible recorded video. For agencies that already have their own live video infrastructure, Flock Safety Wing® provides a 3rd party camera integration suite to bring all of your evidence together.

Introducing the Power of Integrated Evidence

We’re proud to introduce FlockOS® – a revolutionary public safety platform that seamlessly integrates first and third-party data to deliver real-time intelligence with unmatched scalability.

Agencies can revolutionize the way they respond to incidents and investigations with FlockOS™ by:

  • Centralizing evidence and alerts into a single operational view
  • Capturing live video
  • Streamlining all your video sources for fast access to live and recorded video
  • Driving community engagement
  • Using real-time routing

FlockOS™ operates similarly to a real-time crime center (RTCC), yet redefines the concept. Traditional RTCCs merge technology and data in policing, but they typically require substantial physical infrastructure, significant funding, and a large staff to maintain and monitor them.

FlockOS™, on the other hand, blends the same powerful benefits without the constraints of physical infrastructure, the need for deep pockets or dedicated resources. With FlockOS™, you get real-time intelligence, evidence, and situational context on par with conventional real-time crime centers, without the limitations.

What truly distinguishes FlockOS™ from other real-time intelligence software platforms is its affordability, scalability, and accessibility.

  • Scalable & Affordable: Our mission at Flock is to eliminate crime for every community, regardless of budget or agency size. We're committed to placing our cutting-edge tools in as many hands as possible, because when more agencies harness technology to enhance response times, improve situational awareness, engage communities, and solve crimes, we all come out on top.
  • Community-Powered: We recognize that an effective real-time intelligence program is fueled by the community. Combining first and third-party data ensures comprehensive coverage and heightened awareness across jurisdictions while fostering trust and transparency.
  • Accessible from Anywhere: Lastly, FlockOS™ is designed to be accessible to everyone, whether you're a dispatcher, investigator, or patrol officer. Access the platform anytime, anywhere, and swiftly deliver crucial evidence and intelligence to those who can take action when it matters most. This enables agencies to improve response times and handle incidents more efficiently and safely.

Safer Communities, Together

All of our tools are created with one mission in mind: eliminate crime and shape a safer future, together. Law enforcement agencies can revolutionize the way they respond to incidents and investigations, creating safer communities and fostering more trust between citizens and the officers with the power of Flock Safety.

We’re driven to keep creating safer communities for everyone.

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