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Who We Are

Flock Safety is an all-in-one technology solution to eliminate crime and keep your community safe. Our intelligent platform combines the power of communities at scale – including cities, businesses, schools, and law enforcement agencies – to shape a safer future together. Our full-service, maintenance-free technology solution is trusted by more than 3,700 communities across the country to help solve and deter crime in the pursuit of safer communities for everyone. Visit for more info.

Our Founding Story

In 2017, our Founder and CEO Garrett Langley experienced property crime in his Atlanta neighborhood. With little evidence to help police track down the suspects and a dead-end case, he saw an opportunity to make a change.

After working with local police to understand how citizens can help prevent and solve crime, Garrett brought in co-founder Matt Feury and early employees Paige Todd and Bailey Quintrell to launch the company. Since March 2017, the company has exhibited significant growth. As a result, Flock Safety has been trusted by communities in thousands of cities to stop crime and raised over $330 million in venture capital from leading firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners, Initialized Capital, Axon, Bedrock Capital, Matrix Partners, Founders Fund, and Y-Combinator.

Despite its incredible growth, today Flock retains the same vision that Garrett founded the company with: to eliminate crime and shape a safer future, together.

About Garrett Langley, CEO

Garrett is a technology entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in early stage companies across Banking, Automotive, Live Events, and Sports.

Prior to Flock Safety, Garrett helped launch Clutch, a monthly car subscription service, and Experience, a live events mobile technology company. Overseeing the engineering, design, product, data science, and customer support groups at Experience, Garrett led the sale of the company to Cox Enterprises for $200 million in 2014.

Outside of work, Garrett works to inspire future engineers to create technology that can make a positive impact on society.

Garrett serves on several Boards through his alma mater, the Georgia Institute of Technology. These include the Advisory Board for the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Georgia Tech Athletic Association Alexander Tharpe Board (the primary fundraising organization for the school’s student athletes), and the Board of Directors of Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures (GATV), which supports Georgia Tech’s economic development and innovation initiatives. He also serves on the Metro Atlanta Chamber 2023 Board of Directors.

Garrett lives in Atlanta with his wife, Megan, his children, and his dog.

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