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Flock Safety Mobile App

Fast, Accurate Intel at Your Fingertips

Increase case clearance on-the-go with real-time alerts and searchable LPR data for mobile devices.

Access Data Anywhere

Search license plates in one easy-to-use mobile application when a computer isn’t nearby.

Remain Informed Wherever You Are

Receive real-time actionable alerts for suspect vehicle leads, Hot List hits, and audio detection.

Protect Sensitive Data

All user access settings apply to the mobile app including single sign-on support.

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Introducing: People Detection Alerts


Detect people in restricted areas during specified times


Give law enforcement and security teams immediate info.

AI Powered

Identifies human presence without recognizing personal characteristics.

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Flock's Impact

Do More on the Move

Audio Alerts

Access and replay crime-related audio clips such as gunshots or sideshows, pinpointing the location in the app.

Set Your Radius

Select the distance to be alerted by, so that no matter where you go, your alerts are pertinent and actionable.


A glance at your wrist can now provide essential updates, bridging the gap between tech and efficiency.

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