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Flock Safety Falcon® LPR + Condor™ Video Bundles

Flock Safety Falcon® LPR + Condor™ Video Bundles

Seamlessly integrate video and license plate recognition technology from one single, solar powered installation to easily collect layered evidence.

Flock Safety Falcon® LPR

Advanced LPR with Vehicle Fingerprint® provides real-time investigative leads for officers, even with obscured plates.

Flock Safety Condor™ Video

Streamlined solution for enhanced situational awareness & faster case closure without complex setup or maintenance.

Make it easier to review evidence

Expedite operations with an entirely solar powered bundle. Our end-to-end installation eliminates infrastructure needs.

Two Solar-powered Cameras, One Pole

Integrating LPR & Video provides a layered approach to evidence collection, leading to quicker resolutions.

Build your network

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Introducing: People Detection Alerts


Detect people in restricted areas during specified times


Give law enforcement and security teams immediate info.

AI Powered

Identifies human presence without recognizing personal characteristics.

LPR + Video Does More

Flock Safety Falcon® LPR

Flock Safety Falcon® LPR goes beyond capturing license plates. By utilizing advanced Vehicle Fingerprint® technology, it provides real-time investigative leads to your officers, even when a license plate isn't visible.

Flock Safety Condor™ Video

Flock Safety Condor Video is a hassle-free solution that can enhance your situational awareness and improve case clearance for law enforcement without the need for extensive procurement, installation, or network upkeep.

Streamlined Deployment

Get up and running faster with an entirely solar powered, infrastructure-free camera bundle. Flock Safety handles end-to-end installation, mounting multiple devices in one go with no need for electricity.

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Flock's Impact

Fully Solar, Better Together

Cost Effective

Save money by buying LPR and video together with bundle discounts and streamlined installation.

Diversify Cover

LPR and video at key locations to cover more ground, deter crime, and boost response capabilities.

Simplify Review

Access video and license plate data in a single platform to understand incidents and resolve crimes.