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What Happens in the Event of a Crime

Here at Flock, we build cameras specifically designed for neighborhoods. We specialize in providing the strongest evidence possible, license plates, to police. But you may be wondering exactly how that works - what actually happens if there is a crime?

First and foremost, if you or a neighbor are a victim of a crime, you should call the police. After you have reported the crime to the police, then it's time to access your Flock footage via the web portal to pull down any relevant evidence. As a reminder, it is 100% the neighborhood's decision how they want to manage access to the footage. The person accessing the footage only needs to know the day and general time frame of the crime to pull down the footage.

What Happens in the Event of a Crime

After inputting the day and time window, our system will return all applicable footage.

If your neighborhood has opted into the SafeList feature, each image will even be marked as resident or non-resident.

You then have a few options on how you can share this information with law enforcement so they can investigate:
(1) You can download that footage and email it directly to the police officer
(2) You can print out the footage and share it physically
(3) You can even let your account manager know that you would like to give the police access directly to the Flock system for a defined period of time.

Armed with the footage provided by Flock, the police can now continue their investigation with actionable evidence.

See more on how the process has worked in a few crimes we have helped solve in Dekalb County and an Atlanta neighborhood.