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Ex-Burglar Tells You How to Protect Your Home from Break-In and Robbery

Keeping your house and neighborhood safe

By Janice Ng

When it comes to protecting your home, there are a few things that you can only learn from the criminals themselves. In a video recently posted to Reddit, one ex-burglar told police what he would look for before committing a break-in and robbery.

- Signs the occupant wasn’t home. Packages waiting outside doors, mail piled up, an unmowed lawn, and other indications that residents weren’t home, make any house a break-in target. If you’re going out of town, arrange for someone to stay at your house or at a minimum for the post office to hold your mail.

- Easy view of the interior--from front to back. If the perpetrator can look into a front window and easily see the entirety of the house, they’ll know the layout, how to get in and get out, and how to plan their robbery. Make sure to put blinds on any doors with windows.

- Quick entrances and exits. If you have a doggy door or a broken garage door, these and other easy exits are burglar bait. If you already have a doggy door, think about upgrading to the type that only opens with a dog’s microchip collar. Make sure to fix any broken entrances that make it easy to break in.

- A fancy and expensive fencing system. The ex-criminal in this video explains that an expensive fencing system usually meant there was something good behind it. This is where having and being a good neighbor comes in handy. If you see someone casing a neighbor’s yard, don’t assume it’s always the landscaper.

So what did the ex-burglar say would deter most thieves from even trying to break in and rob a home? A few of the main deterrents included big dogs, automatic lighting that turns on with movement, motion sensors, and cellular alarm systems.

The biggest deterrent, though, is a good neighborhood watch. In the interview, the ex-con said that well-placed cameras and good neighbors are the best break-in protection. Many criminals know that with license plate reading cameras and in-home cameras, there is enough evidence to find them and put them behind bars.

Flock Safety’s license plate reading cameras are placed at the entrances of communities to track the license plate numbers of all the cars entering and exiting a neighborhood. Protection signs show anyone entering the neighborhood that they’re under safety monitoring for the community’s protection. This alone can prevent burglars from even trying since they know their plates will be easy to track.

If a crime does occur, Flock Safety’s technology can help police find and catch the criminal, and in many cases, get families’ stolen items back. Our work with community police means that when our cameras detect the license plate of a stolen vehicle entering the neighborhood, police are notified immediately.

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Originally published: 2019-01-04 05:23:00