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How to Build a Relationship with Law Enforcement

A success story of a community and their local law enforcement agency working together.

By Sample hubspot User

In early April, a grand theft occurred at a jewelry store in Richmond, California. The suspect tried on a gold necklace valued at $21,000, then ran out of the store. Onlookers reported that the suspect fled the scene in a four-door Honda Civic.

In an effort to gather evidence, law enforcement reached out to a neighboring community that had a Flock Safety neighborhood security camera installed. The neighborhood administrator reviewed the captured footage, found a four-door Honda Civic driving through the neighborhood shortly after the incident, and handed the footage to the officers.

"We partner with local law enforcement closely to investigate incidents within our neighborhood, so I was thrilled to be able to return the favor. I hope that small gestures such as this one will continue to foster the growth of our relationship."

—Joseph, Neighborhood Representative

This California community already had a strong relationship with law enforcement, and thanks to Flock's ability to act as a virtual security guard, they will be able to continue providing actionable evidence in cases like this to grow the relationship further.

Here are more ways communities and law enforcement work together to solve and prevent crime.

Originally published: 2019-01-04 05:18:00