Flock Safety Deterrence

Deter Crime with Signage & Lights

Proactively deter threats and let bad actors know your property is protected 24/7 by Flock Safety by adding deterrence signage and lights to your Falcon or Condor poles.

Large, Customizable Signs

Put 18x27 inch metal signs that can be green, red or white on your Falcon or Condor poles

Nighttime Lighting

Downlighting and flashing blue lights ensure maximum deterrence capabilities day and night

Cost-effective Solution

An affordable way to make your business or neighborhood unappealing to criminals

Deter Bad Actors

The overt signage makes your business or community an unnattractive option for crime.

Build your network

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Introducing: People Detection Alerts


Detect people in restricted areas during specified times


Give law enforcement and security teams immediate info.

AI Powered

Identifies human presence without recognizing personal characteristics.

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