LPR that goes the distance

Flock Safety Falcon® LR

Flock Safety Falcon® LR

Get clear footage of vehicles traveling OVER 100mph across multiple lanes and long distances

Stop multi-jurisdictional crime

Be notified of known offenders at your community's entry and exit points.

Solar or AC powered options

Expand coverage and reduce set-up barriers with easier deployment

See across multiple lanes

Identify vehicles up to 250 feet in the distance to expand evidence capture.

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Flock Safety Falcon®

Eliminate crime on every roadway with revolutionary LPR for the whole community

Flock Safety Falcon Flex®

Location-flexible LPR for temporary coverage with easy, self-serve relocation and installation

Flock Safety Falcon® SR

Fixed, short-range LPR for parking lots

Introducing: People Detection Alerts


Detect people in restricted areas during specified times


Give law enforcement and security teams immediate info.

AI Powered

Identifies human presence without recognizing personal characteristics.

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Flock's Impact

LPR for your fastest, busiest roadways


Vehicle capture speed

Up to 150'

Vehicle capture distance

Up to 50'

Distance off the roadway

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