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The city sought technological aid to bolster limited law enforcement resources


Leveraging Flock Safety devices to bring the RTCC to every patrolling officer

Case study

Empowering Small-City Policing: Transformative Impact of Flock Safety in Martinsville, Virginia

November 1, 2023

Martinsville, Virginia, a small independent city with a rich history in furniture and textile industries, faced economic and social setbacks following manufacturing declines.


Rising unemployment contributed to burgeoning narcotics issues and escalating crime rates. Despite these challenges, a resilient community spirit and strategic initiatives started to turn the tide. Among these, the implementation of Flock Safety technology played a significant role in enhancing the capabilities of the Martinsville Police Department.


Struggling with a significant influx of narcotics and related crime, Martinsville needed effective solutions to safeguard its citizens. Named as part of the Governor’s Bold Blue Line initiative to reduce violent crime, the city sought advanced technological aid to bolster its limited law enforcement resources.


Beginning with the Falcon® LPR cameras, Martinsville PD swiftly integrated the Condor PTZ video cameras, amassing 42 LPR and live video devices across the 11-square-mile city. Chief Robert Fincher’s visionary approach to combat limitations was pioneering: Why not bring the real-time crime center to every patrolling officer? Through FlockOS®, this vision transformed into on-ground efficiency, channeling real-time data directly to officers’ mobile devices and patrol vehicles.

We thought, let’s push RTCC information to every officer in every MDT in every car.
Robert Fincher, Chief of Police | Martinsville PD on FlockOS®


In short, Martinsville PD is experiencing increased case clearance and a boost in officer morale. Chief Robert Fincher noted that a Flock Safety alert leads to the clearance of a serious crime most weeks. He went on to add that officers love the system so much, they will respond to alerts off the clock, which recently led to the arrest of a wanted homicide suspect. Chief Robert Fincher notes that the Condors, Falcons, and FlockOS® software has been a force multiplier for his department. He attributes their success to ensuring all officers have access to FlockOS® and adopt the system. In addition to pushing FlockOS® real-time intelligence to every officer’s MDT, he makes sure every officer has a mobile device that receives Flock Safety alerts. Soon, the department will give access to the local Dispatch center for better coordinated real-time responses.


Stolen Vehicle and Drug Possession

A Hot List alert led to the successful interception of a stolen vehicle. Upon detaining the subject, officers recovered a Glock handgun, methamphetamine, Fentanyl, and cannabis wax. The subject was charged with multiple serious offenses and was held without bond. The swift action ensured the immediate return of the stolen vehicle and the removal of dangerous substances and weapons from the streets.

Prevention of Planned Violent Crime

Hot List alerts from FlockOS® led to the pursuit and apprehension of a vehicle passing through Martinsville. The occupants, dressed in gang attire with masks and firearms, were planning a robbery or a shooting. Two of the guns were stolen, underscoring the severity of the potential crime thwarted by the timely intervention enabled by Flock Safety technology.

Homicide Caught on Camera

Following a gunshot victim’s arrival at the ER, Flock Safety’s Condor video cameras recorded the entire incident of two vehicles shooting at each other. Using the unique tail lights as identifiers, officers were able to pinpoint the suspect vehicle by searching Flock Safety Falcon® LPR footage in Flock®. Despite no cooperation from the involved parties, the hard video evidence provided a clear path forward in the investigation.

Unraveling a Counterfeit Check Ring

In collaboration with another jurisdiction facing a counterfeit check issue, Flock Safety’s Falcon® LPR cameras enabled Martinsville Police to quickly narrow down a suspect vehicle and obtain a search warrant. The resulting operation led to the seizure of computers and printers used for producing counterfeit checks, effectively dismantling the illegal operation and ensuring the protection of many potential victims.

Recovery of Missing and Endangered Adults

Flock Safety’s system contributed significantly to locating and safely recovering three missing adults, including individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This technology ensured timely intervention, preventing potential harm and ensuring the individuals’ safe return to their families.

Resolving Abduction of a Minor in 24 Hours

In a distressing case of an abducted minor, Flock Safety technology proved invaluable. Police obtained the suspect’s tag information and direction of travel from Flock Safety cameras, enabling coordination with US Marshals. The result was the safe recovery of the minor within 24 hours and the suspect’s apprehension for kidnapping.

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Empowering Small-City Policing: Transformative Impact of Flock Safety in Martinsville, Virginia

Recorded on Nov 01, 2023

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Recorded on Nov 01, 2023

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Recorded on Nov 01, 2023

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